The rest of my Wisconsin visit..

The rest of Wisconsin was wonderful! We went bowling. And let me tell you, it was the most embarrassing game of my life! My niece Kadance almost beat me. She bowled all by herself and scored 80. My mom tied with her. HA. I ended up getting lucky at the end and getting a strike. So my final score was 85. Pathetic. My dad won with 100 something….Needless to say, age-wise my niece was the best bowler that night for SURE!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from my Wisconsin visit:

This is Liam playing with a glow-stick that Papa gave him

Liam chilling on the couch. Just being cute.

Liam started laughing SO hard when he saw Nigel for the first time. It was super cute.

Sunday outfit. So handsome!

We also went to Milwaukee on Friday to go to the zoo and stay in a hotel. We went to the zoo and had so much fun! I decided it was important for me to go on a little safari the same day that Devin was on an actual African Safari..I saw way more animals than he did I bet. (Trying to make myself feel a little less jealous about his whole Africa experience). Liam was such a good boy the whole day. He just chilled in his stroller.Here are some pictures from the zoo..

Grandma Trena and Papa pushing the kiddos in strollers
My mom thought this was hilarious...see the Elephants name..
Kady doing her little pony ride:

Liam being a good boy in his stroller

Mommy and baby, wishing daddy was with us :)

Grandma Trena with Kady and giraffes:

Kady and Papa and the bears:

Liam in his new sunglasses:

Anyway. The zoo was great fun! At the hotel that night I had my dad watch Liam for a little bit while I went to soak in the hot-tub. Wonderful. I need to get one someday. Maybe AFTER we get a house. Anyway, we all went to bed a little bit early so we could wake up for the airport Saturday morning. All of our flights were on time and pretty good. Liam freaked out a little bit on our second plane (before we left the ground), but he fell asleep and was a good boy after that.

Well, I am going to make Devin do some posts about Africa this week with pictures! So, stay tuned!!!


  1. Cute Britt! I can't believe how big Liam is!

  2. Kady is sooo big! And Liam is just tooo cute! I can't wait to hear about Africa!