11 Months

Liam is 11 months old!! And he is so much fun! I love that I get to stay home and play with him every day.
It's been so much fun to see his personality develop. He is hilarious.
at 11 months
-Liam is officially wearing shoes. Since he likes to get down and actually run around, we thought it was a good idea.
-He walks backwards when he is trying to get away from you, he loves getting chased and grabbed. It's probably his favorite game.
- We are teaching him to stack blocks. He mostly likes to watch daddy stack them into a big beautiful tower and then knock them down.
-Is learning to put things away (like his toys.)
-He is attached to his blanket. He pretty much carries it around everywhere. And if he comes to me crying and wanting to be held I say, "Liam, go get your blankey." And he will go get it and come and snuggle with me:) He's so smart.
-He thinks staying up late is awesome. He used to go to bed around 7:30, and now once 8:30 rolls around he is still fighting me!!
-He likes to put things around his neck and wear them around (necklaces, my pilates bands, his blanket, etc..)
-Likes to throw things. He normally puts whatever he is throwing behind his head like he's trying to pull back for a good throw, and then just brings it forward and drops it.
-Liam is a really happy baby. He makes my day every day.

Here are some pics.
Liam celebrated his FIRST Halloween!
The cutest cheeseburger EVER!!
Playing in the leaves on Halloween.
My cute boys!
Just a little cuddle time with dad.
Liam LOVES this giant puppy. He always snuggles up to it. He is taking a nap here :)
Just playing outside
All smiles for his favorite necklace! Haha, he is almost always wearing this these days..
I Was teaching him to put the dice back into it's container. It's amazing what will keep a baby busy for 20 minutes!