Liam's new trick.

Here is a cute video of Liam and daddy! It makes mommy nervous, but Devin seems kind of in control!


Busy Busy Busy....

We went to Wyoming... The town we went to was Lovell. It is a tiny little town! The drive was about 8 1/2 hours. I was dreading the drive with our little baby, but he actually did really well. We listened to Harry Potter during the drive, and one of us was usually sitting back with Liam. He freaks if nobody is back there with him. But i don't blame him, i wouldn't want to sit all by myself in a car either! Anyway, we got to Wyoming and Devin interviewed, saw the place he would be working at. He decided he liked it. I figure I can live with anything for one summer. I will have Liam to play with and hopefully I meet some people! :) Because we took the job! We will be making around $20,000 this summer, which will help pay for grad school in the Fall. Looks like we're going to be students at BYU for another couple of years... :)This is a picture of Liam in the hotel after a long, hot ride in the car (He was sweaty)
After Wyoming I went to Idaho to visit with my sisters..it was so much fun. I always love seeing them. I guess we never really do too many things, but always enjoy each other. Here is us trying to take a cute picture together...haha never happens:
I brought home my niece and my sister Kayla and her husband came to visit!! We got home late
Saturday night and then went to Church on Sunday morning. Kady went to her own class...and had fun. Our sunbeams were pretty well behaved, it was great! After church we decided to eat lunch and take a nap. I promised Kady we'd go to the duck pond after our nap. So we did. It was cold, but Kady was so cute playing with the ducks! Here's some pictures from the duck pond:
Kayla carrying Liam...sooo cold

These are just Kady being cute..

Then on Monday we took her to see TANGLED. It was SOOOO cute! I loved it, and so did Kady. She wants to have hair that glows one day....After the movie we went to the creamery, dropped off Liam to his aunt Tacy and then we went ice skating! It was so much fun. Kady had never been before and so she was slipping all over the place, but eventually she got the hang of it and did pretty good. She was trying to go so fast.
Here's some pictures from my phone:

heres a fun video!

Then on Tuesday we went to the duck pond again and then went to Highland for dinner with my in-laws. Kayla, Devon and Kady left, and Devin and I went to Corinn's play..Pride and Prejudice. She did such a good job and has a wonderful voice!

TONIGHT is the BYU basketball game and after we have a big water-polo game! Well, I'm not playing but I wish I was...maybe next year :) Hopefully we keep winning and can be champions.

Liam lately has been adorable. I still can't believe I have a baby..who is almost 4 months! I love him. He has been making such cute noises when he "talks" to me. The past two days I have been feeding him every 2 hours though...which gets a little bit tiring.. My milk supply has been low so the more I feed him it should get back up to where he's not freaking out because he's still hungry. I'm hoping to be able to nurse until 6 months at least. After that i'm sure formula will be just fine! :)
Here's a picture of the cutest boy in the world:

This is what Liam looks like when his daddy dresses him...in the middle of winter:


Great things are happening!

I thought March was going to be a drag. Turns out, good things are happening!
First of all, Devin has been having several interviews for jobs, but he also was accepted to both places he applied for graduate school. BYU and Utah State for Mechanical Engineering! So..if no great jobs come our way, at least we have something else we can count on. But he has been having quite a few interviews, so hopefully more opportunities come our way.
Second, our NEW COMPUTER should be arriving sometime today! It's a Lenovo Think-Pad. Thank-you Tax Returns... We have been using my laptop that I got before I graduated highschool. It's an old Compaq that is pretty much junk. But I'm grateful we've at least had something!
Third...Liam is 3 MONTHS old. Where in the world did my newborn baby go? At three months William:
-smiles often (especially when he sees mom or dad...which makes me so happy)
-laughs sometimes (you have to try REALLY hard to get him to laugh..and even then it's usually just one little giggle)
-sits in the bumbo without getting mad
-is starting to find his toes
-sleeps between 6 and 9 hours every night
-can roll over from tummy to back (well, he has like 4 times all on his own!)
-and doesn't go through as many diapers as he once did!
-also i tried weighing him on our scale and he is 14.8 lbs (might not be totally accurate) and 24 inches long. he is like twice as big from when he was born!! Here's some cute pictures of Liam in his third month of life!:
chillin' in the boppy
just looking cute:
taking a much needed nap with dad:
i love his eyes in this one:
Grandpa's...or bust!
What's going on??
This is him today on his 3 month birthday:) Such a big boy..
This is how Liam would choose to sleep all the time if we didn't wrap him into a tight burrito.
We bought this with a gift card from Barb Zuehl! He loves it already! :)
Hanging out on daddy's shoulders.
Anyway..I guess that's enough of Liam for now..
Also, I just found out from my little sister that her and her new husband are possibly going to come visit us during their spring break this month!
Other than that, I am trying to find things to do. And the motivation to do things..it's so easy to just take naps all day! Stupid weather...I need to go for walks or something. I miss summer. I have decided that I'm going to either make a slip-cover for our awful couch or totally reupholster? Any suggestions on what else a stay-at home mom can do to keep life interesting while her husband is working hard? :)


January and February.

January was a pretty good month. Mostly I spent time working on dresses for Kayla's wedding and spending time with the little man. During January Liam was blessed. Liam found his hands, and we got a picture of him smiling. If you wanted to see that boy smile, it took a lot of work at first! Here are some pictures of William during the month of January..
Here he is just chilling in the boppy. Working on strengthening his neck muscles! This picture is just showing what me and Liam liked to do for free time. :) This is a picture of Liam sitting up like a big boy on the couch. In his cute moose outfit! And this is my attempt to get him smiling...Every time he saw the camera there was no way he would smile. That is why he is barely in the picture!
My mom drove out from WISCONSIN to IDAHO for my little sisters wedding. Since I wasn't going to be around on Valentines day, Devin and I went to color me mine and made another plate together.... (what we did on our first date :)). It was a lot of fun. We made a contra plate (the video game that started our flirtings and falling in love. yeah, a video game..). Anyway it was a lot of fun. Then my mom came and ate some Thai food that the LeBaron's foreign exchange student Rista made for us. Yummy...and we went to Idaho!
That week I was there before the wedding mostly consisted of me finishing sewing things. I worked on tablecloths, dresses, and watched my baby mostly. There was one point where I was watching Liam, my nephew Bradon (17 months), and my niece Kadance (4 yrs.). WOW Overwhelming. This was when I decided that I don't know if I can have more kids...(i'm sure that will change in a couple of years..).
Devin finally camp up on Thursday evening for Kayla's endowment. Afterwards we played JUST DANCE on the wii. So funny. My sister Tyler and I stayed up way too late playing every night after that...
On Friday I got my hair and nails done. Audrey Wilson highlighted my hair for me and I absolutely love it! We also had a bridal shower for Kayla. That was a lot of fun :)
Saturday brought lots of decorating, arguing, laughing, and crying. My baby sister got married and looked SO beautiful. I'm really happy for her and very proud of her! I hope her and DevON (not DevIN like my husband) have a wonderful life together.
Here is a picture of Devin holding Liam in the baby bjorn that my brother got us for Christmas. Very convenient.
Here is a picture of my beautiful sister and her groom!
I love this picture.. my siblings. LOVE THEM. Oh yeah, I made my dress..

And here's a picture of my family. My little niece in front, I made her dress too!

Overall, it was a wonderful, beautiful experience! I'm so glad I was able to go to Kayla's sealing and hear the beautiful promises and blessings of their eternal life!


Baby William arrives

Well, the best news I think is that we had our little b
oy. It started when I woke up on Friday morning (3am) having cramps not able to go back to sleep. I was a little confused wondering why I was having cramps! But, they just continued randomly throughout the day...so I looked up what contractions felt like...CRAMPS. hah. So I was thinking it was probably just false labor, because EVERYONE told me there's no way I'm going to have my baby early. Turns out they were wrong... Anyway, Devin came home and I told him I thought I might be in labor...contractions were getting closer together and more regular. But we made a nice dinner, went to JoAnns to pick up my serger, and then played some sword play on the Wii. Finally, I was having contractions so close together and so hard that I couldn't even play sword play...so we went to the hospital at 10pm. I'll skip the horrible details, but about 16 hours later I had my baby...
He was born on Decem
ber 4, 2010 1:29 pm...almost 2 weeks earlier than the "due date!" Lucky me! We named him William Kent LeBaron. William--because we liked the name (and Devin and I love the movie "A Knights Tale"). Kent--after my dad.

We mostly call him Liam. Not Bill, Billy, Will, Willy,..blah blah. Just Liam or William. :
) I will say that I never thought I could love someone SO MUCH. What a blessing he is to our family. Maybe I love him so much because he is the PERFECT baby! He sleeps pretty much through the night (at least 7 hours), he has an adorable smile, he only cries when he is hungry or really tired, and is sooo nice to cuddle with.

Some other good news- I graduated from BYU! It is so nice to be able to stay
home with my little man and take care of him. I can't imagine having to leave him! Devin is going to school but he graduates in April. He has applied to jobs and to grad school, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens.
Here is our first family picture in the hospital:
My first time to hold my baby boy all cleaned up:
Baby William. So adorable:
This is a picture of William, 6 days old. Taken by Richelle Bozung. :
Here is me...holding my DIPLOMA! :