Devin and I went FISHING! His dad, Corinn, and Jeff came with us.
The good news is...I was the first one to catch a fish :) Devin was so jealous. Here is what followed...
"DEVIN! I CAUGHT A FISH" (I'm running around with a fish hanging off my pole, not knowing what to do with it!!)
Devin replies, "Are you serious? You are so lucky." Doesn't he know its not luck? It's talent.
I then asked him to take car of it for me. I assumed it wouldn't be that bad to watch......He then takes my fish and beats its head against a rock like....13 times. I was totally disgusted. I had to listen to him kill it. Ugh . Apparently his knife wasn't sharp enough to just cut its head off.

That's when I decided to be a catch and release fisher-woman from then on out. And decided not to fish the rest of the day....Don't worry. I will go fishing again.

Devin caught four fish though. :) He also helped his siblings catch fish right away. Such a good teacher. Everyone was happy.

After fishing we went back to the LeBaron's and grilled them. Ate them. trout, not the best fish...but it tasted pretty good!
We'll post some pictures later!