Devin's 25th Birthday!

Devin turned 25!!!
To celebrate, we went out to Chili's (of course...it's his all time favorite restaurant). Then we went to Trafalga to the batting cages. Devin did great..and so did I :) Haha, I'm better than I thought I would be. Except that my hands were burning and numb afterwards. Happy Birthday Devin, I love you!

 I found these tomatoes on Devin's plant!! He has been trying to grow tomatoes every year since we have been married--with no success. Haha, he said it was a birthday miracle!

Batting Cages.

New York Trip!

My parents moved to central New York back in January. I've been to visit once, but Devin hasn't. So we took a trip! Thanks, mom and dad. :) Tyler and her kids came too!! Tye was here a couple days before we headed to Vegas to fly out. (Yeah, my mom had to buy 5 tickets and so she saved like 1500 dollars or something for us to go from Vegas). Well, the drive was so scary to Vegas. It was raining and hailing and storming like crazy through the mountains. And it was night time. And Tyler scares me when she drives anyway!! :) Haha. Oh and did I mention our suitcases were ontop of the car...getting soaked?! HAHA. Oh, good times.
We let the kids play outside in Aunt Brenda's yard the day we were leaving. It was flooded. We were going to go swimming in her pool, but since it was storming we thought that was a bad idea. They had just as much fun running around in the huge puddles outside! Then we flew to New York.
Our first day we went to the Buffalo Zoo. The kids loved it! The rest of the time we just mostly hung out, went to visit my grandpa in his assisted living home, went to some church history sites, and built my mom's shop. Oh-- did I mention swimming in my mom's pool? It was beautiful outside (the pool was freezing)!!

He laughs!

Liam didn't laugh for a long time, and it was really hard to make him laugh. Gavin LAUGHS! :) It's adorable. Sorry the video is sideways...oh and that it's kind of loud. There was a fan on--making it a little hard to hear the full cuteness of his laugh! :)


First haircut--growing up.

My baby Liam is growing up. About a month ago, Grandma LeBaron gave him his first haircut!! I was so worried about it for some reason. Like, he was going to look funny or something. But I was really glad we did it, because he looked so handsome after. We gave him his binky (which we never did unless it was naptime or bedtime) so he would sit still. He did really well.
Speaking of binky- Liam no longer takes his. Well, he would if we gave it to him. But it's been almost 3 weeks now and he never even asks for it anymore. He doesn't even try to take Gavin's!! :) We're so proud of him.. All though, we've been having some rough nights because of it. I think it's finally getting better. 
Liam is such a good big brother. I set Gavin next to Liam on the couch and turned on Baby Einstein- Baby Noah (Yeah, it is still Liam's favorite movie). Anyway, next thing I know Liam is holding up Gavin because he was sort of tilted over onto Liam. Then Liam continued to hold Gavin and told him all the animals in the movie. "Look, Gavin. Flamingo. Panda, Gavin." It was probably the sweetest thing I've ever seen.
Liam also is totally a little boy (Duh). I mean, he makes weird noises all the time. Jumps everywhere. Likes to run around..nonstop. And is definitely independent. He likes to do stuff all on his own. We love this crazy little almost-2-year-old. (Eeeek!)
I have soo many pictures on my phone but don't have the energy to upload them all right now. So here's a couple from his haircut session. 


Gavin @ 3 months

Well, Gavin is now 3 1/2 months-ish. But anyway. At three months Devin told me he finally loved Gavin just as much as Liam. Seriously, Gavin's little smile is to die for. Gavin has a really strong personality---well, he's really good at showing his emotions. He can really scream, but he also get's really excited and happy. We love him so much. When he gets excited he usually turns his head and tries to eat whatever is closest (blankets, hands, toys, etc.) At three months he rolled over a few times (tummy to back). He can't quite figure out how to do it regularly.
Enjoy some cute pics!


Three Amazing Years

So, Devin and I were able to celebrate our 3 year anniversary. Devin actually bought me a samsung galaxy 2 tablet. I love it!! Liam actually loves it more than I do. But it's great for the family! :) He also bought me flowers and a candy bar the day before our anniversary. What a sweetheart! I got him a bunch of little stuff. lol.
On our anniversary, (August 15) Tacy came over after CNA school and watched Liam for us. We went out to eat at chili's, went shopping and bought me some earrings. Then we went bowling! Devin won... only after I told him how to throw the ball correctly ;) Then we went to coldstone and got ice cream..We did all this and still got home before Liam's bedtime lol. But it was so much fun! I'm so grateful for my handsome hubby and for these past three years. Here's to many more! I love you Devin :)

Unfortunately--Devin won bowling. I usually win our first game. But he beat me this time. (My nickname for bowling is Bert, the guy accidentally put Burke?)
Best picture we captured from our phone cameras...