5 month old

Lots has been going on lately. But, I'm too tired to think of any of it. So HAPPY 5 MONTHS GAVIN! We love you SOO much. My only complaint is that you need to sleep better at night. okay?


A few fun things!

My sister Tyler has been coming to visit a lot. Which is great!! It's so nice to see some of my family every once in a while. Here's some pictures from Bridal Veil falls..Fall is my favorite season. It's soooo beautiful here!!

Corinn went to homecoming, so I decided we needed to go get manicures! It was nice to get away from the kids for an hour and get my hands massaged and all beautiful.

Jessica got married! We got to spend time with Russ, Michaela, Ryan, Kayla, Mav, and newest baby Carter! It was so much fun :) Plus Jessica got married. We went to the Salt Lake Temple for her sealing. It was beautiful! Thanks Tacy and Corinn for watching the babies so we could go in the temple!

Gavin is 4 months old!

This four month old baby is so beautiful. Well, handsome I guess. He has such gorgeous skin, the happiest sweetest little smile and is ultra kissable. I'm pretty much smitten.
Gavin enjoys eating his hands. He is actually a thumb sucker.
He likes to play with toys. Well, he likes to grab things and try to shove them in his mouth.
He won't take a bottle. (AH)
Occasionally will roll over tummy to back.
Laughs (for daddy mostly).
Reaches for my face :)
Doesn't like riding in the carseat at night. Usually he is fussy around 7:30-8ish pm.
Gavin is really inconsistent with sleep. Nap times are pretty set, but as far as sleeping through the night..not so much. Sometimes he'll sleep 10 hours straight. Sometimes he wakes up every hour all night long. Needless to say, this is not only a problem in the "mommy needs sleep" department, but also in the "milk production" department.

We love you so much Gavin. You're such a blessing to our home! You have made us all better people I think :)