7 & 8 month old Gavin

Okay-I wrote This section of Gavin at 7 months like a month ago, but never got around to posting.---(So i'm not going to change anything from it..)

We've all been pretty sick so this post is like a week late. BUT, Gavin started crawling at like 6 1/2 months. He's trying fast to catch up to his big brother. Not only is he crawling but he pulls up on everything and slowly walks/wobbles as he holds on to couches. Ah. Baby proofing is SO ANNOYING with stairs!! This kid already climbs the stairs and gets there so fast. We need to invest in some good baby gates.

Gavin was doing really good with solids--and then got sick and refused EVERYTHING except breastfeeding. My milk is running out so this was a problem. We made it through and now he's working back up to eating more solids and bottles. He HATES medicine. We can't do anything to keep him from spitting it out.

He's starting to freak out during diaper changes. ALREADY? He cries and tries to get away right when we lay him down. So we have to make sure to have a toy or a cracker ready for him.

Gavin loves to play. He's always looking for toys or his big brother to play with. He's also always looking for any crumbs on the floor. I swear I vacuum like 3 times a day and he still manages to find something.

He has pretty much perfected his sad cry and his slow crawl when he wants me to hold him. It's pathetic. I can't resist when he comes to me like that.

I'm pretty sure he's going to have brain damage. With Liam pushing him over all the time and his obsession with growing up, he's always falling and hitting his head. Poor guy.

Gavin fits comfortably into 12 month clothes. Most 9 month ones are way too small. He's also getting hair. He already doesn't have a shiny head anymore.

Gavin is crazy. He's all over the place. I feel like all I'm doing all day is chasing him around the house, making sure he doesn't fall down the stairs or eat something he's not supposed to. With Liam around, it's impossible to keep anything picked up.
Gavin is trying to stand up on his own. He holds onto the couch or whatever he uses to get up and then lets go and tries to balance. It's pretty funny.
I think he would always be eating if he could. He loves using his hands to eat. I think he prefers that over being fed baby food.
Already suffers from separation anxiety.
Gavin has one tooth!
We've been working on baby sign language. So far he hasn't signed back to me, but he always smiles when I sign to him during mealtime.
This kid loves the bath.
SOMETIMES will sleep through the night. But I can't always count on it. When he wakes up he'll cry for like an hour. UGH.
His skin has been really dry lately, especially on his hands where he sucks on them. Haha.
He still pulls hair ALL THE TIME. Poor Liam has been victim to Gavin's incredible grip at least once a day. Haha..

Some of my favorite things:
Gavin LOVES his big brother. I love catching them playing together. I'll be doing dishes or something and then go look for the kids, and they are almost always together. Gavin follows Liam around and Liam always tells Gavin to follow him.
He's a little explorer.
Smiley baby.

Every time he gets excited he kicks his legs and arms and like jumps with his whole body. (For example, when he wakes up in the morning or from his nap he can't stop from flailing his limbs for like 20 minutes) And he still gets that "shy" thing where he buries his face into my neck when someone says hi to him or talks to him. SO CUTE.

Anyway--I hope to catch up on the last couple months, but we'll see if that happens.

We LOVE you Gavin. Keep being cute.


Liam is TWO!

Really? I have a two year old?
I feel like I definitely not old enough to have a two year old...and at the same time I feel like I've been a mom forever. Thank you Liam for making me a mommy. I love you so much!

-Let's see--Liam is such a fun little boy. He talks in sentences most of the time. Sometimes they are choppy sentences, but he's a smart little guy.
-We are still in the process of getting him completely potty trained. If we make him go potty every couple hours, he does fine. Which to me--is better than changing diapers.
-He sleeps in a big boy bed (toddler bed). Poor guy falls out sometimes still. But, he is able to open his door and come out in the mornings when he wakes up. I still get happy when I hear his little feet coming down the stairs.
-Unfortunately, going to bed is harder these days (Without a binky and crib). But, we're making sure to read him stories and keep a routine so that he knows what happens..
-Liam loves going to the living planet aquarium. His favorite things there are the otters, the jellyfish that are glow-in-the-dark, and they have this eel or something that can shock you..so they have these buttons you put your fingers on and you can feel a current.
-At church, he now does fine in nursery. Sort of. He cries when we leave him and apparently he is starting to be mean to the other kids..So hopefully he'll get over that.
-Liam likes to run and jump everywhere!
-He is a pro at using our phones and my kindle fire to get to games and everything.
-Lately he has been refusing to take naps. So at least every 3rd day he won't take a nap. Ugh.
-Liam knows lots of colors (he has been calling red yellow lately though and I don't know why),all of his ABC's, shapes, and lots more.
- He likes to make recipes with mommy (reckapees). And he always steals cookie dough from the bowl
- Catches on and mimics a lot. He is such a fast learner. Hopefully he can teach Gavin :)
- He's a pretty good big brother to Gavin. I catch him giving Gavin kisses, putting his arm around Gavin, giving Gavin toys, and just being sweet and saying "Hi, Gavin."..but I mean, he is also mean to Gavin when Gavin has one of his toys or we are holding Gavin and Liam wants attention.

We seriously love this kid SO MUCH. I can't think of everything right now that he loves, but he makes us so happy. I think he surprises us every single day with something new he is learning. He has the sweetest hugs and kisses. I hope he doesn't grow too old for them :( I still can't believe my baby boy is TWO! I love you buddy.

Enjoy some pics!
These are just some adventures we've been on.

Here are some of Liam playing at home:

Liam's birthday. We didn't take too many pictures:

Here's Liam on the day of birth, one year, and two years:



Gavin, my little baby, is now six months old. Boy, does time fly. Here's a little update on his development in the past couple months..

Gavin has the most lovable personality. Seriously, you can't find a more expressive, usually happy kid! He is always smiling at people and really easily made happy.

He definitely loves mommy :) He cries when I leave room and gets really excited when I come back. In fact, every time I leave the room he will roll over and look the direction I left and be sad until I come back.

He is basically mobile. He rotates in circles all over the ground, rolls everywhere, gets on his hands and knees and scoots. He's not crawling yet, but i'm sure its going to happen soon.
He basically sits up on his own. He will still fall over occasionally  but usually he is reaching forward and smoothly gets to his tummy.

He always needs something in his hands. He loves toys, and tries to reach for anything and everything he isn't supposed to have.

Gavin still doesn't like to take a bottle, but he will if he HAS to. So that's good. A little more freedom from mommy.

We just put Gavin in his own room about a month ago. I think it has helped a little bit? But he still isn't the best sleeper. Dang it.


Some fall fun!

Lots of big things have been going on this fall and I haven't had time to post about it!! Jessica got married, Jeffery left for his mission, my cousin Eleanor came to visit before her mission, and my sister Kayla had her baby!!!
Jess got married in the Salt Lake temple and everything was beautiful. It was a little hard to keep the little kids calm while we were trying to take pictures after the sealing, but it was fun.

Four days after the wedding we all went to lunch with Elder Jeffery LeBaron to say goodbye and send him off to Wisconsin for TWO years!!! We are so proud of him.

That same day Devin dropped me off in Park City at my uncle's house. My mom drove from New York to Ohio and picked up my cousin Eleanor to drive her out west for her mission... and because my little sister was having her baby! Anyway my mom came and picked me up in Park City so I could go hang out with my family and meet my new niece! She is beautiful and I am so happy for my little sister and brother in law Devon. All though, I am a little annoyed that both of my sisters had babies that weighed 2 lbs less than mine. What the heck?? Not fair!

Other than that we've been potty training Liam (going really well..he is basically trained), doing some mommy school. And we had our first few snow storms!!

We had a couple of visits from my sisters here and there. Celebrated Thanksgiving and now we are SOOO looking forward to being done with school and the HOLIDAYS!



Happy late Halloween!! :) Poor Liam is too pretty, several people didn't know whether he was a boy or girl. It's okay though, buddy...


5 month old

Lots has been going on lately. But, I'm too tired to think of any of it. So HAPPY 5 MONTHS GAVIN! We love you SOO much. My only complaint is that you need to sleep better at night. okay?


A few fun things!

My sister Tyler has been coming to visit a lot. Which is great!! It's so nice to see some of my family every once in a while. Here's some pictures from Bridal Veil falls..Fall is my favorite season. It's soooo beautiful here!!

Corinn went to homecoming, so I decided we needed to go get manicures! It was nice to get away from the kids for an hour and get my hands massaged and all beautiful.

Jessica got married! We got to spend time with Russ, Michaela, Ryan, Kayla, Mav, and newest baby Carter! It was so much fun :) Plus Jessica got married. We went to the Salt Lake Temple for her sealing. It was beautiful! Thanks Tacy and Corinn for watching the babies so we could go in the temple!