that aint no etch a sketch

So, I was known for the one who would be peeking at my presents before Christmas, trying to guess what my gifts were…I still do that sometimes. All though, I have come to realize that when you are totally surprised by a gift you get, those gifts are the best…don’t you think?

So just FYI…some girly/personal info. Well, sometime in September I had planned on going into the doctor to get the Nuva Ring for birth control. I hated taking the pill. I was really bad at it. Anyway, instead I found out I was pregnant. SURPRISE. Now, at first I didn’t believe it. I waited a couple weeks and went and had a pee test at the health clinic. Nope. Totally Real. I think that first week I cried every night because I was so scared about having two kids so close together. How could I take care of a baby with an 18 month old running around wreaking havoc? But Devin was excited. I Was excited too, but mostly scared and dreading being sick. Anyway, Devin finally told me to stop worrying about it and to get stressed when the baby was actually here. Haha. Bless him. He really does know what to say to me..because it took away all my stress. I could start being really excited. And let me tell you, I am super excited for this little baby to enter our lives. I have been feeling this little one move since around 14 weeks. Making it seem more real. I am already having dreams about this baby too!

Anyway, this pregnancy has been different from when I was pregnant with Liam. I didn’t have a baby to chase around and take care of last time. But, luckily, I didn’t get as sick this time either. I think I only threw up 8 times.  But I have been exhausted. Feeling better now. So far, no weight gain or loss (since going to the doctors..) Eating sucks. Poor Devin has to deal with my whining about being so hungry but nothing sounding good. Sorry, babe.

Well today we had an early ultrasound. I’m 16 weeks 4 days today only, but we decided to get a gender check. (I'm still not good at surprises...we found out early what gender this baby is!) Turns out Liam is going to have a little………

So the reason for this title is because I love the movie Juno. And when she finds out she's pregnant she shakes her pee stick and Dwight from the Office says, "That aint no etch a sketch. This is one doodle that can't be undid home skillet." It's one of my favorite parts. It's funny. Anyway, I’m really grateful for the chance I have to be a mommy to another beautiful baby! Wish me luck!

Here are some cute ultrasound pics :)


12 month old. 1 year old?

So, I just did a birthday post. And our computer recently died so we lost a lot of pictures from his 11th month of life. But i'll just update a little bit..Oh and we haven't taken him to the doctors for his 12 month check up, but i'll update with that later too.

Words he says
-mom (for mom, mine, and many other things...)
-da da
-night night
-uh oh
-thank you (I'll have to record this. It's SO cute).
-Hi (sounds more like HA, but he is quite social these days..)

-We are trying to teach him to jump. He gets all excited and like goes up and down but can't get his feet off the ground when he tries to jump
-Loves to dance. If he hears music, he usually dances. Like during church when the hymns are being played..
-Has NINE teeth. He just got a molar in on top during Thanksgiving break.
-Likes to work out with daddy.
-Loves putting lids on and off of EVERYTHING.
-Blows kisses!! I'm so proud of this..haha.
-spins in circles

He is just learning so much!! I can't believe how much he can do after just one year. He went from being totally helpless to running around and communicating with me. It's crazy.

Liam's 1st Birthday Party

For Liam's birthday party we just had some family and friends over for taco soup and cake. It was pretty chill. What are you supposed to do at a 1 year old's birthday party anyway? So we just sat around and watched all the little kids. Haha.
Liam was being so cute. He didn't care too much about opening presents. But after he would tear a little bit of the paper we would say "yay" and he'd drop the present and start clapping for himself. Oh how I love him. He eventually got them all open. Thanks everyone for the gifts! His favorite gift was from mommy and daddy :) We got him this giant puppy we knew he would just love. Success.
Anyway, he was also pretty funny with the cake. I helped him blow the candle out. Then we sat him in his chair with the cake in front of him and he just tried reaching for other things. We finally stuck his hands in it and said "yay" and he started to clap but wouldn't touch his hands together because they were messy. HAHA. He never really got into it. But we gave him a few pieces. At least he didn't get sick from too much sweets, right?
Then the kids just played and that was it. I think it was a pretty good party! Thanks everyone for coming!

Playing with Annabelle in the box.
I want that candle!

Yay!! What do I do??

Just to prove how much he loves his puppy (and mommy)....Spending the morning of Liam's birthday watching some Baby Noah together.

Happy Birthday Buddy. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect little boy. I know everyone thinks they have the best baby...but Liam is just the sweetest, most fun, cutest little guy!!! I love you bud!

Thanksgiving Break...scrabble.

So I have lots to catch up on and will try to do a few posts in the next few days! I feel drained of energy and SO BUSY! I have been working on a lot of projects, so getting paid. Yay. Anyway, Thanksgiving.
This year for Thanksgiving we went to Twin Falls to be with my family. I was really depressed that my dad wasn't able to go. But I made him skype with us on Thanksgiving...so he showed us some guns he had and hopefully he wasn't lonely. I missed him. BUT it was great to see everyone else. I actually helped a lot in the kitchen (which I normally don't do....i'm considered the lazy one in the family if you didn't know). But I made the stuffing, pumpkin pies, chocolate pie, veggie tray, green bean casserole, and helped with lots of other things. My mom was so proud :)
Basically we just hung out with the family and played scrabble...on our phones. Haha, pathetic. Devin helped my grandma a lot (chopped wood, put up christmas lights, etc.) Anyway, it was just really nice to be with my family! Here are some pics.
PLaying some games.
Liam kept going to Tye for some cheese doses.
Playing scrabble with each other..
More scrabble playing..

Then we were lucky to see Devin's brother Ryan and his kid Mavrick for a couple days while they were here. We were sad Kayla couldn't be there...but it was still fun. Of course, the boys had to play some nintendo..

We are so thankful for all the wonderful people in our lives. Mostly we are thankful for our son, Liam. He is the best little guy.


11 Months

Liam is 11 months old!! And he is so much fun! I love that I get to stay home and play with him every day.
It's been so much fun to see his personality develop. He is hilarious.
at 11 months
-Liam is officially wearing shoes. Since he likes to get down and actually run around, we thought it was a good idea.
-He walks backwards when he is trying to get away from you, he loves getting chased and grabbed. It's probably his favorite game.
- We are teaching him to stack blocks. He mostly likes to watch daddy stack them into a big beautiful tower and then knock them down.
-Is learning to put things away (like his toys.)
-He is attached to his blanket. He pretty much carries it around everywhere. And if he comes to me crying and wanting to be held I say, "Liam, go get your blankey." And he will go get it and come and snuggle with me:) He's so smart.
-He thinks staying up late is awesome. He used to go to bed around 7:30, and now once 8:30 rolls around he is still fighting me!!
-He likes to put things around his neck and wear them around (necklaces, my pilates bands, his blanket, etc..)
-Likes to throw things. He normally puts whatever he is throwing behind his head like he's trying to pull back for a good throw, and then just brings it forward and drops it.
-Liam is a really happy baby. He makes my day every day.

Here are some pics.
Liam celebrated his FIRST Halloween!
The cutest cheeseburger EVER!!
Playing in the leaves on Halloween.
My cute boys!
Just a little cuddle time with dad.
Liam LOVES this giant puppy. He always snuggles up to it. He is taking a nap here :)
Just playing outside
All smiles for his favorite necklace! Haha, he is almost always wearing this these days..
I Was teaching him to put the dice back into it's container. It's amazing what will keep a baby busy for 20 minutes!


San Francisco

So I feel like it has been a little while since I have posted, but I didn't feel like anything too exciting was happening! Anyway, last Wednesday my sister-in-law Jessica came home from her mission!!! It was so good to see her. I didn't take any pictures at the airport, but she looked so good and it was so fun to see her! I'm so happy she is home!
Then on Friday I went to the airport at 7pm to go to California. One of my best friends from high school got married in the Oakland temple on Saturday. The good news is that my mom and her mom were best friends too so my mom came out!! Anyway, Liam did really well on the planes. I seriously have told myself I am not flying alone with him every single time I fly, but apparently I forget all about it until I am in the airport chasing him around. I was most scared to get to San Francisco. My mom's plane wasn't going to get there for an hour after mine so I had to get my 2 carry on bags, the stroller, carseat, and my checked suitcase. Then I had to find a shuttle and get to our hotel. But- it all went really smoothly...
Saturday we woke up and had breakfast and got ready to drive to the temple. I had Chelsie's sister Audrey watch Liam while we went into the temple. The sealing was beautiful. It made me wish Devin could be there. Anyway, then we took pictures and had lunch and drove to the reception (about 2 hours away). We passed a ton of vineyards. They were awesome. It was really pretty. Well, we took some pictures at the barn where they had their reception. Chelsie did an awesome job decorating. Everything looked SOOO good. I wish I would have taken some good pictures...

Liam with grandma at the wedding
Me and Liam on the swing at the reception
Waiting outside the temple
Chelsie and Brian, just married!!!

Anyway, then we drove back to the hotel and went to sleep.
The next day we found a sacrament meeting to go to. We went at 9am and then came home so Liam could take a nap. He felt like he needed to wake up every morning at 6am. ah. Then we drove around California. Haha, we wanted to find a beach to walk along. So we ended up driving around this mountain, but we got lost and found some awesome red wood tree's. They are so huge! It was this little neighborhood we were driving through and seriously the trees were growing out of people's porches and everywhere. Well, we ended up finding our way. The drive was so pretty. We got to the beach and Liam had so much fun. He kept trying to run out into the ocean...making me nervous. He fell over every time the water would come up to shore. So funny. And the place we were at had a shark advisory. Apparently there had been attacks by a great white shark in 6 feet of water there. So I made sure not to let Liam get out that far :) Then we had dinner and drove home.
The beautiful scene from our mountain drive.
Golden Gate Bridge
Shark advisory!
On the beach.
On Monday we had to wake up early and go park down by the piers. We went on a boat tour of San Francisco and then shopping and then to Alcatraz. It was so neat. Alcatraz was really interesting. The whole time I was thinking of the movie the Count of Monte Cristo. lol. But it was just really neat. Liam got bored, so he fell asleep for some of the tour :) They had this really cool audio tour where it told you where to go and all about the prison and history. I really recommend going there sometime. After alcatraz we went to eat at some seafood restaurant. Yum Yum. Then we went home and to bed.
This was isolation. For the worst criminals. They would get locked up here without any lights on for a long time...Your average living space at alcatrazWhat used to be prision for the country's worst people!

Showers. Super gross.

My mom and Liam on the boat
this was "isolation" for the worst criminals. They didn't get to have any lights on or do anything all day.
The prisoners were allowed to play baseball.
Me and Liam on the boat back to shore

Next morning we had breakfast and hurried to the airport. We all made our flights, and Liam didn't sleep on either of the planes. Well, just kidding. He fell asleep the minute we landed our first plane...and woke up when we got on the second plane. What a good boy. Oh, and apparently if the President is within 70 miles of the airport, nobody can move. So we almost missed our transfer flight in L.A.
Anyway...it was an awesome trip. I'm so glad I got to go to the wedding and I'm really glad that my mom was there. And that we stayed to play a few extra days. It was a ton of fun!!!! But..i'm glad to be back home with the hubs! :)


10 Months.

I know I say this every month, but how is Liam already 10 months old? He's going to be 1 yr. old so soon!

Physical Growth-
We went in for his 9 month appointment about 3 weeks ago. He was weighing 20.5 lbs (41%) was 29 inches (73%) and his head was 87%, can't remember what it was.

-Throws balls
-Plays soccer with balls (really he crawls around and pushes it with his hands and chases it)
-Does head butts
-Can give high 5
-waves bye-bye.
-Gives kisses
-Can walk and clap at the same time :)

-Liam is pretty much walking most of the time now. He can turn around and everything. It's so cute to watch him. He still likes to walk to things and then hold on, and then keep going. But, he can walk over 20 steps.
-He loves to climb the stairs. We have to watch him because if we are downstairs with Devin's family he can escape really quickly and go to the stairs.
-He thinks uncle Jeff is hilarious. He loves to be chased by him. He will just laugh and laugh.
-Liam enjoys sneaking into the bathroom. We have to be super careful to leave the door shut. He always goes in there and throws all of the soap bottles and anything on the side of the tub- into the tub. Then he tries to get them (which results in him falling in and hitting his head). He also likes to get into the toilet paper, trash, and toilet.
-HE thinks he is hilarious. He laughs at himself all the time.
-He tries to feed himself with the spoon. He will bite on when I am feeding it and grab the spoon. Then he tries to stick the spoon into the bowl to get some food, but then just flings in around and sticks the spoon (now without food) into his mouth.
-Always hangs on my legs. Walks over to me and just hangs all over me. It gets a little frustrating sometimes. Apparently my mom said I did the same thing, up until I was like 8. Shoot.
-Tries to make the indian sound with his mouth.
-clicks his tongue.
-Throws tantrums. If he doesn't get what he wants, he will freak out. Mostly when we shut the bathroom door or take something away from him.
-He has 8 teeth. He GRINDS his teeth though, and it drives me nuts. How do I get him to stop doing this??
-Can get off the couch by himself. He knows how to turn backwards.
I love this baby so much. I am so lucky to be his mom. He is so much fun to play with these days. Even though he is naughty sometimes. Enjoy some picturs. I have a funny video to upload sometime, but the computer is being difficult.
i'm a big boy!
liam with some friends.
so sweet in the mornings. I usually bring him in bed with me and we snuggle for a little bit before he starts wanting to play.
i love bath time!
how did he go from not being able to move really to walking around eating crackers??