Thanksgiving Break...scrabble.

So I have lots to catch up on and will try to do a few posts in the next few days! I feel drained of energy and SO BUSY! I have been working on a lot of projects, so getting paid. Yay. Anyway, Thanksgiving.
This year for Thanksgiving we went to Twin Falls to be with my family. I was really depressed that my dad wasn't able to go. But I made him skype with us on Thanksgiving...so he showed us some guns he had and hopefully he wasn't lonely. I missed him. BUT it was great to see everyone else. I actually helped a lot in the kitchen (which I normally don't do....i'm considered the lazy one in the family if you didn't know). But I made the stuffing, pumpkin pies, chocolate pie, veggie tray, green bean casserole, and helped with lots of other things. My mom was so proud :)
Basically we just hung out with the family and played scrabble...on our phones. Haha, pathetic. Devin helped my grandma a lot (chopped wood, put up christmas lights, etc.) Anyway, it was just really nice to be with my family! Here are some pics.
PLaying some games.
Liam kept going to Tye for some cheese doses.
Playing scrabble with each other..
More scrabble playing..

Then we were lucky to see Devin's brother Ryan and his kid Mavrick for a couple days while they were here. We were sad Kayla couldn't be there...but it was still fun. Of course, the boys had to play some nintendo..

We are so thankful for all the wonderful people in our lives. Mostly we are thankful for our son, Liam. He is the best little guy.

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  1. That scrabble thing is so funny! Talk about a tech savvy family! =) Haha. Glad y'all had fun in Idaho.