The Busy Life of the LeBaron's..

I have been meaning to do a post for..umm a month now. Oops. I just am out of energy again and when I actually have time I hate the idea of blogging! But, this is my only journal SO here goes! It's really long. Don't feel obligated to read it!

Since I last wrote, my babies have grown so much. Let's start with William.
He is seriously the cutest thing ever. I keep wondering how I'm going to love another baby as much...but I know I will. :) William started to JUMP! haha. We've been trying to get him to jump for months now, but about a month ago he finally was able to jump off the ground (both feet at the same time) and get like 1 inch in the air. Now he likes to show off. For example, we went on a walk up Rock Canyon, and every time someone else would come by us on the little trail he'd say, "Hi" (in the cutest voice ever) and then jump. He's a little show off.
Umm in the past couple months Liam has been sick, he got hives all over his body, had a bloody nose, got burned with a curling iron, and has fallen down countless times. Oh did I mention he almost drowned? I figure I'm always writing about all the good stuff, so I'd add in some of the not-so-good that happens too. But through it all..he's a tough one. Boys will be boys.
Liam is so good at communicating. He's seriously a little Parrot. I'll have to make a list for future reference on all the words he says/signs he does. Anyway, he amazes me every day.
Some of my favorite things Liam does:
-Says prayers. Every night before bed we'll say, "Okay Liam let's say prayers and go night-night." He folds his arms all the way to his room and goes to his little spot on the twin bed we have in there and Devin and I kneel down. We say prayers and when we say Amen Liam says "night-night" haha.. We're working on Amen. :)
-He's so sweet lately. Sometimes he'll just randomly want to snuggle and give me hugs and kisses and rub my back.
-Everytime he goes down a slide or does something "fun" he says Weeeee!
-He's obsessed with "rub-rub"...anything you rub on your hands or body (lotion, hand-sanitizer, wipes, lol..) And now he will bring me a bottle of lotion and say "rub-rub. Knee" and help me put lotion on my knees. He's crazy.
And this list will never end so i'll just stop there.
Here's some photos from our trip to New York/ Wisconsin and just others of Liam that I love.
Helping mommy pack to go on our looong trip!
Being silly in the car.
Doing some laundry before coming back home to Utah
Such a cute smile..playing at the park in NY with grandma Trena
Yay slide!
His first time being on a horse. This horse is enormous. Liam loved Alice.

Started warming up to the doggy. In the past couple months he's not so scared anymore :)

Baby/Pregnancy Time:
Baby is getting HUGE! I'm so nervous he's going to be like 10 lbs. Ah.

I started feeling tired again around 29 weeks (while I was traveling alone with Liam on an airplane..haha of course). So I get pretty exhausted quickly..But it's not as bad as it was the first 20 weeks. So, that's good. I have to wake up at least 2 times a night to pee. Heartburn is terrible. I had to buy my first pair of maternity jeans. I've gained 20 lbs already...but doctor says this is good because I was "underweight" when I got pregnant. I just have aches and pains all the time! And I can't nap as much as I want. Baby is always in my ribs or kicking me in the bladder. Seriously, if I start walking for 2 minutes I feel like I'm going to pee my pants.. and then I go to the bathroom and it's like 2 drops.

Things I enjoy:
This little guy is always moving. Which is a comfort because I'm never concerned if he is okay. I enjoy Devin giving me back massages and letting me borrow his clothes (lol, my shirts aren't long enough to cover this big belly so I wear Devin's a lot...but the good thing is he still weighs 50+ lbs more than me...so i don't have to worry about weighing more than my husband..). I only officially have 8 weeks left. So i'm hoping I really have like 6 weeks left. Liam came early, so why not this baby too? :) Umm.. I can eat whatever I want and not feel bad about it. Ha ha. I shouldn't have that attitude but oh well. He seems to enjoy what I eat!

27 weeks Pregnant.
32 weeks 1 day Pregnant. Sorry about the face...I hate having my picture taken.
Other than that nothing too crazy is happening. Oh wait JUST KIDDING- Devin's finishing school. Devin is trying to figure out what he's doing this summer for school/work. I just got my last project for work until after baby boy comes. We are going to Idaho this weekend for Easter. My mom will be here in 3 weeks. Devin will be gone to Europe in 3 weeks and a couple days. We've been trying to go outside for walks, playing in the park, BBQ's, swimming, and whatever else we can do outside. Liam is always asking to go outside. It's hard sometimes because there is no park right by our house..I wish.

Anyway- the next couple months will be REALLY busy. Maybe i'll find some time/energy to blog some more. Maybe not. Wish me luck--actually prayers are appreciated when it comes to Devin being in Europe and me going into labor while he's gone. I'd really like that to NOT happen :)