What we've been up to lately..

Things we've been up to lately..First of all: Trying to keep this little guy happy.(Don't mind the awful pictures. My EVO is supposed to take awesome pictures but something is wrong with my camera on it. So this will have to wait until we move back to Utah to visit a Sprint store..ugh):
This picture below he was actually in a bad mood. Somehow he looks kind of happy.
So normally we do this: (Let him watch Baby Noah..it always works.)
Which will sometimes lead to this, which makes for one happy momma:
He's pretty good most days, but sometimes he is sooo NEEDY. He's like a totally different baby sometimes. Maybe it's because he's trying to be a big boy and falls on his head a lot. But, when he is being cute and sweet I always forget about the needy-baby thing.
Also, i'm trying to put together a baby shower for my friend Richelle. I'm actually really excited about it. We are still trying to work out some of the details, but i have come up with (and found some stuff online) some really cute ideas. So I have been using this amazing stuff: because i'm trying to use my baby jars for some cute party-favors. Anyway, the baby jars all have that strip of adhesive on them, so this takes it off like a charm.
I have also made some things for Richelle/baby. Which I will post later. It's too bad i'm poor though. I can think of a million things I want to get Richelle that i know she's going to need or want. But it's okay. That's what showers are for. Lots of gifts! :)
I have also been blog surfing trying to find some great crafts! I have a few friends getting married in a couple months and am so excited to get started on their gifts (but, I have to wait till we move back to Utah...)
Oh yeah, Check this out. Devin is famous again. Good thing he went to Africa. Here he is on the front page of the Daily Universe. What a stud.
The funny thing about the picture was that Devin wasn't doing anything at the moment. Someone was taking pictures and told him to go sit down there by the African man and point at something. Hahaha. Love it.
Anyway. we have basically been just hanging out here. We've gone up the mountains a few times..which is BEAUTIFUL. But, other than that nothing much..but Liam will be 8 months old next week. I bet you can't wait to see more pictures ;)

So. I'm selling my cricut expression. If anyone is interested let me know! :)


We're moving back!

So, we have decided to move back to Utah FOR SURE. We'll be living in Highland for at least 1 semester..right when we get back. I'm so sick of moving though, so we might be there until Devin finishes grad school. Anyway, I'm really excited about this decision. It will be good for Devin to go to school now, instead of later (or not at all).
Anyway. Other than that we had a good time with Devin's siblings Jeffery and Corinn. They came to visit and it was so nice to just hang out with them. Corinn is so helpful. I actually had signed up to go help clean the church and she came with me and helped me clean up ;) Also...Liam LOVES Corinn. He would get so so so excited everytime he even saw her. It was adorable. Maybe he really likes blond girls.
Here are some pictures from our little adventure with Devin's siblings..

Well in the past week Liam has perfected his crawl. He is so quick and gets away so fast. Not only that, but he just started pulling himself up...either using furniture or mom and dad. It's amazing how fast he is developing and growing. It's so exciting but also sad at the same time! Needless to say, Liam has already had his fair share of falls, bumps, bruises, etc. this week from his attempts to be a big boy!
Next month is going to be an exciting one! We get to go to Yellowstone with Devin's family where we will see Ryan, Kayla, and Mavrick (who we haven't seen since Christmas and even then it was only 1 day..). We will also get to spend time with Russell and Michaela for the last time before they move to Arizona. It's going to be a ton of fun! Then we are moving back to Utah. YAY!

Things I love lately..
-When Liam laughs with me.
-Brownie Mix.
-When Liam tries looking for me after I leave the room.
-Devin (he took me to see Harry Potter and Liam was being a turd so he let me stay and watch it while he took Liam out and therefore missed the movie..)
-My Evo. haha.
-The Gospel.
-Reading to Liam before naps and bedtime.
-Blogs. Lately I have been searching for crafts online. It's too bad i can't really do any of them because we don't have anything here or anywhere to buy things from....
-Harry Potter.


Liam's best crawl so far.

So, this is Liam's best attempt at crawling. At least he is going forward now! ;) Enjoy. Sorry the video is like sideways... click here to see it


4th of July and Liam at 7 months.

We have been SO busy the past week...
Well, first of all. We have been making so many decisions lately. Devin got offered a job here in Wyoming. So now we have to decide again if Devin wants to go to grad school or to work! Ah, I swear we just did this!! Haha. But, they gave Devin a good offer plus the benefits are FANTASTIC. Anyway, there are lots of ups and downs of living here in Wyoming vs. going back to BYU for grad school. We have to decide by July 15th. It's so stressful.
Well we went to Utah to spend the 4th of July with Devin's family and to see some friends. It was a lot of fun. We got there on Friday night and went to the LeBaron's house. We picked up my EVO and then went straight to the Sprint store. Yep. Devin now has the EVO 3D and LOVES it. I have the EVO and I love it :) We are very happy. We spent the rest of the weekend playing on our phones.
The End.
Just kidding, we went back to the LeBaron's and had dinner and I don't really remember what else we did. Russell and Michaela came down that night too, so it was good to see them! But Saturday we got up and went to the Temple. It was perfect. We haven't been to the temple i'm pretty sure since February (my sisters wedding..ah). Needless to say we both felt the spirit and it was wonderful. When we got back we just went swimming and that was really nice. Liam loved the water. At first he didn't know what was going on, but then he started kicking his legs and flapping his arms (like he always does when he is excited). Don't worry, this time we lathered him with TONS of sunscreen. No baby burns this time. Then Devin's Aunt Beth, Uncle Allan and his Grandma came by for a visit! Liam loved Allan.
Loving Uncle Allan.
Then Saturday evening we went up the canyon with Devin's family. Russell made some yummy chicken Parmesan in the crock pot. After the canyon we just went back to the LeBaron's and then Bryan and Richelle came to see us that night. She is so cute with her little pregnant belly. I'm so excited for her to have her little boy...especially if we live in Utah. Him and Liam will be best friends :) Haha. Here are some pictures from the canyon
Family up AF Canyon

Sunday we went to Church, made a big dinner, and played some games. I also took Liam on the trampoline. He LOVED it. He couldn't stop giggling. I loved it too. Anyway, we played games with Devin's siblings. It was hilarious. We played crazy uno .Of course I lost every time because there are so many rules!!! Then we played this crazy game Tacy made us play called Sevens. Apparently i'm not good at multiples of seven. Haha.
And for the fourth of July we went hiking up Timp Caves. It was a great hike. And the cave was awesome. I loved it. Liam stayed at home with grandma. Apparently he was a good boy. The cave was really fun. But the next day I was super sore. I obviously need to work-out more. Oops.
Devin in Timp Cave. Looking scared.
After hiking we went and took some family pictures over at Bozung's house. Richelle took them for me, of course. She is so great. Hopefully we get them back soon to share! I think they turned out super cute. After that we went to Devin's aunt Sue's house and had a BBQ with her family and Guy and Kristin (Devin's uncle and aunt) came over. It was really good to see everyone! We watched fireworks over at Sue's neighbors house. Liam loved them. He started screaming at the loud ones and couldn't keep his eyes off of the huge ones! It was so cute. Then it started raining really hard and we went home.
William in his hand-me-down 4th of July outfit (his 7 month Birthday!)
Monday we were able to go to Provo and get some things done. Devin's uncle Justin (Sue's husband) is a doctor and let us take Liam in for his 6 month appointment (at 7 months..). He got his shots for free because he doesn't have insurance and his visit too. We are SO grateful for Justin and his help. He's also a great doctor if anyone is interested. :) He like printed us some information we were asking about for Liam and highlighted the good parts. His office is over by the hospital. Then I got to go see my friend Lindsey and her cute Braxton (who is 4 months I think). It was funny to watch Liam and Braxton interacting. Then that evening Devin and the boys played volleyball while I hung out with the girls and the babies. It was fun!
So Wednesday we drove home through Yellowstone. What a good choice. It is so beautiful and a way better drive than the other one we have been doing. It's only about an hour longer.. Jeffery and Corinn came home with us, so it was a fun ride! I'm pretty sure we saw some bears in yellowstone :) Hah. I'm only very hopeful the big brown spots in the distance were bears. We did see a TON of buffalo though.
Well, the rest of the week should be good with Devin's siblings here! i'll update more about our adventures later!

Liam at 7 Months-
-At 7 months Liam weighs 18 lbs (41%), 27 inches (41%) and I don't remember what his head is but it's like 56%. So, his growth rate slowed a ton! Probably because he has been moving around so much!
-He is trying his hardest to crawl. He goes forward now at least. He gets up and leaps his knees forward and usually puts one hand like he is crawling, but then flops on his belly. Then does it again. So he scoots forward. He is so close to just crawling.
-He is finally enjoying solids a little more. He eats barley cereal (To help with constipation, poor guy) and usually some fruits and some veggies during the day. We have also given him little bites of our food, and he doesn't know what to think of it.
-Talks a lot. He is so cute, he just starts to babble. I love it.
-Screams when he is excited.
-Sleeps 8-10 hours on average at night. (Usually will wake up around 6ish and go back to bed for a couple hours after he eats). But sometimes he doesn't wake up until 7:30 or 8. AWESOME!
-Loves playing peek-a-boo still.
-Loves Daddy. He always laughs when daddy tries.
-Still stares at new people. Doesn't give them a smile until he gets to know them a little bit :).
-Takes 2 or 3 naps a day.
Here are some photos of Liam during his 7th month of life..
Liam, playing with anything he can get his hands on
This is Liam on his first boating experience. Haha, the life jacket was still a little big..
Proof that he has hair :-) Haha. Look really close. Also wearing his onesie from grandma
My happy baby
Tacy was giving Liam some tips on how to play the piano
He loved it.
Here Liam is sleeping. I love that he moves around in his bed. It makes me laugh.