Liam's 1st Birthday Party

For Liam's birthday party we just had some family and friends over for taco soup and cake. It was pretty chill. What are you supposed to do at a 1 year old's birthday party anyway? So we just sat around and watched all the little kids. Haha.
Liam was being so cute. He didn't care too much about opening presents. But after he would tear a little bit of the paper we would say "yay" and he'd drop the present and start clapping for himself. Oh how I love him. He eventually got them all open. Thanks everyone for the gifts! His favorite gift was from mommy and daddy :) We got him this giant puppy we knew he would just love. Success.
Anyway, he was also pretty funny with the cake. I helped him blow the candle out. Then we sat him in his chair with the cake in front of him and he just tried reaching for other things. We finally stuck his hands in it and said "yay" and he started to clap but wouldn't touch his hands together because they were messy. HAHA. He never really got into it. But we gave him a few pieces. At least he didn't get sick from too much sweets, right?
Then the kids just played and that was it. I think it was a pretty good party! Thanks everyone for coming!

Playing with Annabelle in the box.
I want that candle!

Yay!! What do I do??

Just to prove how much he loves his puppy (and mommy)....Spending the morning of Liam's birthday watching some Baby Noah together.

Happy Birthday Buddy. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect little boy. I know everyone thinks they have the best baby...but Liam is just the sweetest, most fun, cutest little guy!!! I love you bud!

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