12 month old. 1 year old?

So, I just did a birthday post. And our computer recently died so we lost a lot of pictures from his 11th month of life. But i'll just update a little bit..Oh and we haven't taken him to the doctors for his 12 month check up, but i'll update with that later too.

Words he says
-mom (for mom, mine, and many other things...)
-da da
-night night
-uh oh
-thank you (I'll have to record this. It's SO cute).
-Hi (sounds more like HA, but he is quite social these days..)

-We are trying to teach him to jump. He gets all excited and like goes up and down but can't get his feet off the ground when he tries to jump
-Loves to dance. If he hears music, he usually dances. Like during church when the hymns are being played..
-Has NINE teeth. He just got a molar in on top during Thanksgiving break.
-Likes to work out with daddy.
-Loves putting lids on and off of EVERYTHING.
-Blows kisses!! I'm so proud of this..haha.
-spins in circles

He is just learning so much!! I can't believe how much he can do after just one year. He went from being totally helpless to running around and communicating with me. It's crazy.

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