The latest of our family.

The Month of August...
Here below is a picture of one of the many things that happened in August. We had a sibling vacation in Wolf Creek, UT. We went on jet ski's, went hiking, and just played around and ate a lot of good food! It was really awesome to have all of my siblings there! :)
Devin and I were also able to go home to Wisconsin. It was really awesome to go home and visit my family! With my parents we were able to go to a Brewers game, play mini-golf, go shooting, and just hang out and have fun. It was great. Below is a picture at the shooting range!

The month of September..was all right.
I started my LAST semester at BYU! Yay! I was also able to attend Time out For Women in Logan, Utah. I went with Devin's mom and all of his aunts. It was really fun getting to know them and spending time with all of them. We also celebrated Devin's birthday. I made my first ice-cream cake ever! Yummy...
I also went to Idaho to visit family. September is the month of Birthdays in our family. My niece and nephew both had birthday's so we went to celebrate! It was a lot of fun.
Plus I was 6 months pregnant! only three left to go.
Time out for Women

The month of October... was super slow. Basically time was just dragging on until I could see my little baby boy. We did carve pumpkins for Halloween...but I don't think I took any pictures. Devin and I carved BOWSER. It was pretty sweet. Here's a picture of me 31 weeks pregnant.

The month of November...was pretty good. I was just working on finishing up all my assignments for school...which included a baby blessing outfit for my little man...

We spent Thanksgiving with the LeBaron's. Lot's of delicious food. We also went Black Friday shopping. It was a little hard to get around soooo many people with my big belly. Here's me just a couple weeks before having our pride and joy!