Remember how it's kind of cool to have one kid? You can pretty much take them with you wherever you go--sort of like a pet. It gets harder when they are older and have other things in mind than being held in your arms (like running away from you making you chase them or screaming because they don't want to be buckled down).  But it's almost like it's "trendy" to have one kid.. hahah.
Well--I'm officially full term with this baby boy. Holy cow am I feeling anxious. I'm really excited to not be pregnant anymore. I have more aches and pains and exhaustion than I've ever had in my life- but I'm really nervous to be a mother of two. I keep praying that this baby is just as easy/sweet/smart/fun as Liam. But what if he's not. I know i'm going to love him no matter what but what if he's difficult! haha. Anyway...It's just kind of popping up on me here all of a sudden that I will have 2 kiddos this month. AH!

Anyway. Since I last posted -- Easter, my birthday, my mom coming into town, Devin leaving for Europe, getting bigger and biggger..Liam getting smarter every day...

Oh--and I just have to share how cute Liam is. He absolutely loved my brother when we went to Idaho this past week. It was adorable. He is really good with names. He learned Zach, grandma, Kayla, Tye, Ada, and called my niece Meow (her name is Kady..i think he thought we were saying kitty..lol it was hilarious). He also learned how to say owl and make the who noise, Happy Birthday Mommy,  light, on, off, down, and tons of other things since Devin has been gone. I can't believe how fast he learns and how quickly he is growing up.
Here's some pictures from the past month-ish.
Dying Easter Eggs
 Bradon got mad when he couldn't throw the eggs in the yellow anymore.

 Liam took out all the candy from the eggs before putting it in his bucket.

 Liam doing some sun bathing
 Liam loves swimming in our pool

 Haha, silly kids..

 Uncle Zachy
 Trying to open the door so we could go to church!

 Tye took me to see the Lucky One on my birthday :)
 36 1/2 weeks pregnant.
Here are some pictures from Devin's Europe trip that he has sent me. I love that I'm able to skype with him at least 4 times a week. It makes the whole him being gone thing bearable. Although today we were able to skype with him and Liam was laughing at Devin making faces with him..it was really sweet. And then Devin said he had to go and Liam got really sad and kept shaking his head saying, "uh-uh, daddy." Then I told Liam to say bye-bye, daddy had to go night-night...He cried and kept trying to open the computer back up saying daddy for like 15 minutes.. It broke my heart. Anyway. We are excited to see him in a few days!!!

 Devin in some country..
 This was apparently a work of art. I'll have Devin do a post when he comes home...