Liam is TWO!

Really? I have a two year old?
I feel like I definitely not old enough to have a two year old...and at the same time I feel like I've been a mom forever. Thank you Liam for making me a mommy. I love you so much!

-Let's see--Liam is such a fun little boy. He talks in sentences most of the time. Sometimes they are choppy sentences, but he's a smart little guy.
-We are still in the process of getting him completely potty trained. If we make him go potty every couple hours, he does fine. Which to me--is better than changing diapers.
-He sleeps in a big boy bed (toddler bed). Poor guy falls out sometimes still. But, he is able to open his door and come out in the mornings when he wakes up. I still get happy when I hear his little feet coming down the stairs.
-Unfortunately, going to bed is harder these days (Without a binky and crib). But, we're making sure to read him stories and keep a routine so that he knows what happens..
-Liam loves going to the living planet aquarium. His favorite things there are the otters, the jellyfish that are glow-in-the-dark, and they have this eel or something that can shock you..so they have these buttons you put your fingers on and you can feel a current.
-At church, he now does fine in nursery. Sort of. He cries when we leave him and apparently he is starting to be mean to the other kids..So hopefully he'll get over that.
-Liam likes to run and jump everywhere!
-He is a pro at using our phones and my kindle fire to get to games and everything.
-Lately he has been refusing to take naps. So at least every 3rd day he won't take a nap. Ugh.
-Liam knows lots of colors (he has been calling red yellow lately though and I don't know why),all of his ABC's, shapes, and lots more.
- He likes to make recipes with mommy (reckapees). And he always steals cookie dough from the bowl
- Catches on and mimics a lot. He is such a fast learner. Hopefully he can teach Gavin :)
- He's a pretty good big brother to Gavin. I catch him giving Gavin kisses, putting his arm around Gavin, giving Gavin toys, and just being sweet and saying "Hi, Gavin."..but I mean, he is also mean to Gavin when Gavin has one of his toys or we are holding Gavin and Liam wants attention.

We seriously love this kid SO MUCH. I can't think of everything right now that he loves, but he makes us so happy. I think he surprises us every single day with something new he is learning. He has the sweetest hugs and kisses. I hope he doesn't grow too old for them :( I still can't believe my baby boy is TWO! I love you buddy.

Enjoy some pics!
These are just some adventures we've been on.

Here are some of Liam playing at home:

Liam's birthday. We didn't take too many pictures:

Here's Liam on the day of birth, one year, and two years: