Summer Fun!

Lately Devin and I have been trying to get outside. Since my double stroller isn't here yet, I have very little motivation to haul both kids to the car and take them somewhere. Or push Liam in the stroller and wrap Gavin to me (it gets soooo hot!!) Anyway. I also visited Idaho for 5 days while Devin was in Canada for a week.
Here are some pictures from before I went to Idaho!
 Here are some pictures from Idaho. My aunt Karissa is crazy (in a good way). As you can see in the picture she is using a drill to make a bench--one handed! Her other hand she's been having surgery on, but that doesn't stop her! I also picked a TON of raspberries. Liam always plays with these little butterfly coasters my grandma has at her house. Oh- and a big thanks to Karissa for holding Gavin for me all the time while I was chasing Liam around. And Kayla and Tye-thanks for the breaks too. I'm glad you guys where able to help me out! Liam also LOVED uncle Devon :)
Here are some pictures of the kids playing. Sorry it's such terrible quality, again all I have is my phone to take pictures!! 
 Here's some fun pictures from the past week or so. We've been playing at the park, swimming, and going on hikes. And Liam now thinks he needs to sit in the bumbo to play, watch t.v., eat snacks, etc.

One of my best friends/roommates from college came to visit Utah! Her and her husband and little boy James are living in PA. Going to Penn State! Anyway, we were able to have them over to go swimming and have a little bbq. Our friends the Bozung's came and my sister and friend Ken came too. It was a lot of fun. It was so much fun to catch up with Sami and meet her ADORABLE little boy. What a cutie. Liam really warmed up to Ben and wanted to wrestle with him. It was pretty cute! It's just crazy to think that we are sort of grown up and have kids of our own!


Gavin is 2 months!

My little baby is 2 months old. Why is it that pregnancy goes so slow and after babies are born time goes by way too fast. This means summer is almost over!!! I was so looking forward to summer and now it's almost gone. Well Gavin is now smiling and "talking" to me. It's probably the cutest thing. I love this little guy so much. His little smile is so precious. He is already a chunk. He weighs like 14 lbs I think. We go in to the doctors on Monday, so we'll see how much he really weighs. Gavin is also staying up for longer periods of time. Usually He is up for 1 1/2 hours at a time, then naps and eats. I'm sure this schedule will change soon.


LeBaron family visits!

So right after my family left we were lucky to spend time with Devin's whole family! Devin's mom's side of the family has a reunion every year -Leavitt Family Reunion-. We got to see tons of extended family members and enjoy their company. Unfortunately, we were only able to stay for a little while because Devin had to go back at work (and we ran out of Gavin's diapers..yeah, he borrowed one from Mavrick. Size 5. haha..)
Then the rest of the week we mostly just hung out with Devin's family! It was so much fun to catch up! We went out to eat, went to seven peaks, played outside in the yard, and played games! It's so sad that Ryan & Kayla and Russell & Michaela live so far away. But we are glad to be able to see them every once in a while. Hopefully when Devin gets done with school and gets a GREAT paying job (haha, a girl can dream right?!..) we'll be able to visit them! Anyway- Liam was pretty picky with who he would hang out with. He had a hard time giving anyone who wasn't a "regular" (those who live in Utah) the time of day. And pretty much was whiny towards anyone he didn't want to play with!
Here are some pictures from Gavin's blessing day.
 The Leavitt Family Reunion
 Playing at Devin's parents house
 We went to Bridal Veil Falls
 Enjoying the evening at Seven Peaks!
Unfortunately, Kayla was the picture taker most of the time..so we don't have many pictures of her! But it was so much fun spending time with family! Thanks for the pics Kayla! And we can't wait to see everyone again!

Gavin's baby blessing day

We decided to bless Gavin at the LeBaron home in Highland. Devin blessed Gavin July 1, 2012. It was such a beautiful blessing. I made Gavin's little outfit..I made the largest size, and it was still pretty snug on my chunky little baby! I loved how it turned out though. Perfect for a summer blessing :) We are so grateful for all of the family who came to the blessing. It was a great day! Here are some photos.
My Beautiful Baby Boy: Gavin Dennis LeBaron
 How precious is my family?? :)
 The LeBaron Family

 The Peckham Family
Thanks so much to all of our family who could come! :)


Visit from my family

June 27-July 1st my family came to visit!
My uncle Curt loaned us his house in Park City! While we were there we mostly just hung out. We went swimming in my pool in Provo one day, went to Thanksgiving Point Farm, played with bubbles, went to a little splash pad, and went on some hikes! It was so fun being with all of my family (Even though most of them didn't get there until the weekend.) Here are some fun photos from the trip!

Enjoying some time at Thanksgiving Point

Having fun at Uncle Curt's house

A day at the Splash Pad!


Gavin- 1 month old

I know, this is really late. (like almost a month) But Gavin turned 1 month old! Still basically a newborn. A little better at holding his head up and enjoys tummy time (For short periods). He's the sweetest little guy. Well, actually he's crabbier than Liam ever was, but we love him so much. He's still sweet :)

Fun with friends!

Well- I just wanted to say that I am feeling WAY better. Liam has been more like himself this past week...and so have I. So I have been way happier, making Devin happier! AND thank goodness for family. My in-laws have been so awesome. They have babysat Liam a few times so Devin and I can go on dates and hang out with our friends! Before Gavin was born we normally would have game night at least three times a month with our friends the Bozungs and Monsons. But things are harder with Liam now--he hates going to bed in unfamiliar places and its just stressful for us to bring him to game night these days. Anyway, we were able to go play games again! :) Nerds??? YES! Anyway-staying up until 1:30 am probably isn't the best idea right now since i'm a little low on sleep. But I need my doses of fun and happiness!
We also were able to go to a Real Salt Lake soccer game with our friends Chad and Sara Gibbons! We brought Gavin, and left Liam at Devin's parents house. Well, David Beckham was playing on the other team. That was fun! He is the only name I know in professional soccer. And he's a good lookin' guy, so Sara and I enjoyed trying to get pictures of him, only to be reminded by Chad that this was the closest we would EVER be to David Beckham. lol. It was fun.

We are so grateful for our friends and for how much fun we have when we are with them! Thanks guys for being so awesome.

Oh yeah----Devin got a job! He's working with and Engineering consulting company that has just started up! It's sort of like a part time internship that hopefully he'll be able to continue doing in the fall! We are really excited! The fact that it's sort of on his terms of when he works also makes things really awesome!!