Gavin is 2 months!

My little baby is 2 months old. Why is it that pregnancy goes so slow and after babies are born time goes by way too fast. This means summer is almost over!!! I was so looking forward to summer and now it's almost gone. Well Gavin is now smiling and "talking" to me. It's probably the cutest thing. I love this little guy so much. His little smile is so precious. He is already a chunk. He weighs like 14 lbs I think. We go in to the doctors on Monday, so we'll see how much he really weighs. Gavin is also staying up for longer periods of time. Usually He is up for 1 1/2 hours at a time, then naps and eats. I'm sure this schedule will change soon.


  1. First to comment! :) He's cute Britt! I'm so excited to hold him!