Fun with friends!

Well- I just wanted to say that I am feeling WAY better. Liam has been more like himself this past week...and so have I. So I have been way happier, making Devin happier! AND thank goodness for family. My in-laws have been so awesome. They have babysat Liam a few times so Devin and I can go on dates and hang out with our friends! Before Gavin was born we normally would have game night at least three times a month with our friends the Bozungs and Monsons. But things are harder with Liam now--he hates going to bed in unfamiliar places and its just stressful for us to bring him to game night these days. Anyway, we were able to go play games again! :) Nerds??? YES! Anyway-staying up until 1:30 am probably isn't the best idea right now since i'm a little low on sleep. But I need my doses of fun and happiness!
We also were able to go to a Real Salt Lake soccer game with our friends Chad and Sara Gibbons! We brought Gavin, and left Liam at Devin's parents house. Well, David Beckham was playing on the other team. That was fun! He is the only name I know in professional soccer. And he's a good lookin' guy, so Sara and I enjoyed trying to get pictures of him, only to be reminded by Chad that this was the closest we would EVER be to David Beckham. lol. It was fun.

We are so grateful for our friends and for how much fun we have when we are with them! Thanks guys for being so awesome.

Oh yeah----Devin got a job! He's working with and Engineering consulting company that has just started up! It's sort of like a part time internship that hopefully he'll be able to continue doing in the fall! We are really excited! The fact that it's sort of on his terms of when he works also makes things really awesome!!

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  1. So glad you're starting to feel better and have had some "fun time"; we all need that! Gotta agree; you DO have awesome in-laws :) Love you guys!