Adjusting to Two Kids. An update on our life.

So, just a heads up. I'm not trying to be negative and complain in this post :)

Here's an update on baby Gavin.
Gavin has grown 1/2 inch since he was born and gained almost two pounds. He now weighs 9 lbs. 10 oz. Big boy. Obviously my milk is doing him some good. He is a good eater! He grunts a lot..which is different from Liam. He already has a deeper voice haha. Pretty much he sleeps, poops, and eats. Sometimes smiles in his sleep. Which is like the sweetest thing ever. He is a little bit jaundice, but Uncle Justin (who also happens to be our kids' doctor...) says he's okay. Gavin was also circumcised yesterday...poor little guy. Haha, he was really swollen so Devin took a picture and sent it to Justin. My apologies for sending pornographic pictures Justin, lol. We are paranoid parents, obviously. Anyway, he's been doing really well. He eats about every 3-4 hours. Luckily at night it's closer to 4. Hopefully to get better soon!

Update on baby William.
Liam. My sweet, happy, fun, loving baby boy. Well, when we brought home Gavin that changed a little bit. Don't get me wrong...he loves Gavin. But apparently he has noticed a change in our home and he now is EXTREMELY demanding of our attention. He is really whiny all the time. And has been pretty ornery.  But other than that..he is still the smartest kid ever :) He will say anything you want him to say. He is happy and so much fun--as long as you are doing what he wants. He loves swimming and going to the park. He loves holding baby Gavin, but gets mad when we try to help him hold the baby. If he sees or hears Gavin he says, "Baby, Gavin." And he finds him and gives him hugs and kisses. He also likes to find his nose, ears, eyes, fingers, hands, toes, head. Most of the time he tries to be  gentle. But doesn't really understand that fully yet. Let's see..William also loves to skype to Grandma Trena these days. My mom finally has internet in her new house so she likes to skype all the time!! :) We are excited to see her in a few weeks! Oh and today was our first day of no binky. We cut off the nipple and gave it to him for nap time. I felt terrible. He was in bed and crying, "help me help me...binky" over and over. So I went in and got him and had him come snuggle with me while he watched a movie and fell asleep. He sort of chewed on his fingers a little bit until he fell asleep. Hopefully he doesn't become a thumb-sucker. Wish us luck.

I had to put these pictures- The reason for the one on the left is because Liam shared his blankets with Gavin. Liam NEVER shares his blankets. And Liam thought it was fun to swing in the baby's swing. Haha. Hopefully he doesn't try to sit there when Gavin is in there!!

Update on me and Devin
  I'm doing great. I feel WAY better than I did after I had Liam. I honestly don't even feel like I just had a baby...except for the whole breastfeeding, engorged, milk overload. Yeah, that is worse this time around. But other than that everything is great. I'm hoping to be able to go swimming soon :) And Devin is doing really well with his internships and research. He usually goes to school for 5-ish hours a day.

As for the adjustment...it has been really hard. For me at least. Mostly Liam has been hard to deal with. He has started hitting  when he is mad-so that's really hard to deal with. Thank goodness for Devin having a flexible schedule this summer. He has been amazing. And I don't know what I would do without him. Probably never have any more children!! But here's my confession- I'm probably dealing with a little bit of postpartum depression. I just don't totally feel like myself! It's been hard to get motivated to be happy. But, Devin and I sat down and made a "happy list." Everytime one of us feels bored or depressed we have to do a happy thing! Haha. It's not like i'm feeling terrible and can't function. I just feel different. I'll just blame it on all the hormones going on in me right now..but it's probably because my life has changed SO much even in just the couple of weeks we have had 2 kids! Don't get me wrong- I'm really really really grateful for my babies. I love my family so much and I know that Heavenly Father understands me and what I am able to handle. He wouldn't have let me have these beautiful babies if He knew I couldn't do it. We are so blessed. And I am even more blessed than Devin I think. He has been so amazing and helpful to me. I love him so much...I am SO blessed..


  1. LOVED the update and all the fun photos; what darling boys you have (even Devin!) I can relate to your feelings of things not being "normal". With each new baby, I called it "changing gears" because things would never be quite the same and I had to adjust to a new normal - it takes time! Those hormones can do crazy things to you. If you don't start feeling better that way soon, though, talk to your doctor because there are things they can do to help you. Sure love you all!

  2. brittany! your boys are just BEAUTIFUL! :) i totally understand what you are going through. our little girl is 2 months old and i am just barely feeling like i am getting a handle on things!! i had the baby blues pretty bad for a few weeks with both kids, but just remember IT WILL PASS!! i would cry for no reason at all and just felt incredibly overwhelmed and isolated and down and bleh... also, jackson went through a lot of the same things it sounds like liam is doing.... serious whining and being super demanding... i have probably said how much i miss my sweet little boy about a million times, but we've all adjusted with a little bit of time. :) let me know if you need anything, and thanks for sharing, it's nice to know other people can relate!

  3. Love your updates :) I had the baby blues for a few weeks after James was born. I cried every night and thought I couldn't keep doing it. Stupid hormones! While my mom was here she made me write a happy list too. Things on it like, when James toots it makes me laugh, and such. It helped, but it was hard! I know what you're feeling! Well except I only have one baby, not two! I'm glad Devin can help so much! That helped me- having people around to help me. Love you! PS we are going to be in Utah July 13-August 2!

  4. Aww Britt, loved the post! I still can't believe you have two little boys and they are absolutely adorable! I hope things get better, I remember having a hard time with Annabelle and am pretty much terrified for a second baby, not gonna lie. But, we love you and would love to skype when ya get a chance!