Gavin, my little baby, is now six months old. Boy, does time fly. Here's a little update on his development in the past couple months..

Gavin has the most lovable personality. Seriously, you can't find a more expressive, usually happy kid! He is always smiling at people and really easily made happy.

He definitely loves mommy :) He cries when I leave room and gets really excited when I come back. In fact, every time I leave the room he will roll over and look the direction I left and be sad until I come back.

He is basically mobile. He rotates in circles all over the ground, rolls everywhere, gets on his hands and knees and scoots. He's not crawling yet, but i'm sure its going to happen soon.
He basically sits up on his own. He will still fall over occasionally  but usually he is reaching forward and smoothly gets to his tummy.

He always needs something in his hands. He loves toys, and tries to reach for anything and everything he isn't supposed to have.

Gavin still doesn't like to take a bottle, but he will if he HAS to. So that's good. A little more freedom from mommy.

We just put Gavin in his own room about a month ago. I think it has helped a little bit? But he still isn't the best sleeper. Dang it.


Some fall fun!

Lots of big things have been going on this fall and I haven't had time to post about it!! Jessica got married, Jeffery left for his mission, my cousin Eleanor came to visit before her mission, and my sister Kayla had her baby!!!
Jess got married in the Salt Lake temple and everything was beautiful. It was a little hard to keep the little kids calm while we were trying to take pictures after the sealing, but it was fun.

Four days after the wedding we all went to lunch with Elder Jeffery LeBaron to say goodbye and send him off to Wisconsin for TWO years!!! We are so proud of him.

That same day Devin dropped me off in Park City at my uncle's house. My mom drove from New York to Ohio and picked up my cousin Eleanor to drive her out west for her mission... and because my little sister was having her baby! Anyway my mom came and picked me up in Park City so I could go hang out with my family and meet my new niece! She is beautiful and I am so happy for my little sister and brother in law Devon. All though, I am a little annoyed that both of my sisters had babies that weighed 2 lbs less than mine. What the heck?? Not fair!

Other than that we've been potty training Liam (going really well..he is basically trained), doing some mommy school. And we had our first few snow storms!!

We had a couple of visits from my sisters here and there. Celebrated Thanksgiving and now we are SOOO looking forward to being done with school and the HOLIDAYS!



Happy late Halloween!! :) Poor Liam is too pretty, several people didn't know whether he was a boy or girl. It's okay though, buddy...