Little things that make life better..

The little things for me that make life better?? Well, they are called children. :) They also tend to make life way more stressful and messy and hard...and noisy. But nothing makes me happier than these little monsters

The past few weeks we've been moving into our new apartment. It's a duplex home. And is way bigger than anywhere we have lived!! I love it. But it's still a disaster, and I've decided I don't care. It's more important to me to spend quality time with Liam & Gavin instead of getting really annoyed at Liam while trying to clean up and organize. :)

Liam is quite the talker. He cracks me up with lots of the things he says. For example- there was a wasp in our house on our window. He comes over to me and says, "mommy, bug. that one hurts you." Sure enough, a big scary wasp. The reason he says this is because I have an ant smasher game on my phone and if you squish the bees...game over. So when my sister was teaching him how to play, she would say, "No, not that one. That one hurts you." lol.
He also says "ya" all the time. He used to just say no if he didn't want something or repeat what he wanted (like fruit snacks or water) when I asked him. But he now says ya.
Liam likes to close doors on me and say, "see ya mommy."
I also love that when Liam sleeps he usually sleeps on his side, holding his blankets.
I was taking pictures of Gavin with his 2 months sign and Liam found it the next day and held it up saying, "cheese mommy".

Gavin has been SOO smiley and talkative. It's absolutely adorable. Nothing makes my day more than when Gavin gives me one of his beautiful smiles. He loves me :) It's seriously the sweetest thing ever. I'm pretty sure he weighs like 15 lbs. now. He doesn't seem like such a baby!! He's really precious when he sleeps...which is why I have so many pictures of him sleeping :)

Anyway, things make me happy other than my babies. But I just wanted to post some cute pictures!