10 Months.

I know I say this every month, but how is Liam already 10 months old? He's going to be 1 yr. old so soon!

Physical Growth-
We went in for his 9 month appointment about 3 weeks ago. He was weighing 20.5 lbs (41%) was 29 inches (73%) and his head was 87%, can't remember what it was.

-Throws balls
-Plays soccer with balls (really he crawls around and pushes it with his hands and chases it)
-Does head butts
-Can give high 5
-waves bye-bye.
-Gives kisses
-Can walk and clap at the same time :)

-Liam is pretty much walking most of the time now. He can turn around and everything. It's so cute to watch him. He still likes to walk to things and then hold on, and then keep going. But, he can walk over 20 steps.
-He loves to climb the stairs. We have to watch him because if we are downstairs with Devin's family he can escape really quickly and go to the stairs.
-He thinks uncle Jeff is hilarious. He loves to be chased by him. He will just laugh and laugh.
-Liam enjoys sneaking into the bathroom. We have to be super careful to leave the door shut. He always goes in there and throws all of the soap bottles and anything on the side of the tub- into the tub. Then he tries to get them (which results in him falling in and hitting his head). He also likes to get into the toilet paper, trash, and toilet.
-HE thinks he is hilarious. He laughs at himself all the time.
-He tries to feed himself with the spoon. He will bite on when I am feeding it and grab the spoon. Then he tries to stick the spoon into the bowl to get some food, but then just flings in around and sticks the spoon (now without food) into his mouth.
-Always hangs on my legs. Walks over to me and just hangs all over me. It gets a little frustrating sometimes. Apparently my mom said I did the same thing, up until I was like 8. Shoot.
-Tries to make the indian sound with his mouth.
-clicks his tongue.
-Throws tantrums. If he doesn't get what he wants, he will freak out. Mostly when we shut the bathroom door or take something away from him.
-He has 8 teeth. He GRINDS his teeth though, and it drives me nuts. How do I get him to stop doing this??
-Can get off the couch by himself. He knows how to turn backwards.
I love this baby so much. I am so lucky to be his mom. He is so much fun to play with these days. Even though he is naughty sometimes. Enjoy some picturs. I have a funny video to upload sometime, but the computer is being difficult.
i'm a big boy!
liam with some friends.
so sweet in the mornings. I usually bring him in bed with me and we snuggle for a little bit before he starts wanting to play.
i love bath time!
how did he go from not being able to move really to walking around eating crackers??


  1. I love reading posts about Liam because it makes me excited to see Braxton start doing those same things soon. And I love your pictures. Especially the down dog yoga pose and him crying. It is so sad, but cute. :)

  2. How do I get so lucky? My nephew is so cute! What a good Mom. :)

  3. You have one adorable little boy! He is officially walking... I need to see this soon! I love the picture of his yoga pose and the babies bald heads surrounding Lucy's locks of hair:) And, he definitely does play soccer!

  4. You have the cutest little boy! He has such a cute smile!