My baby boy: 9 months.

I have so much to catch up on, but i will just do a quick post on my baby boy at 9 months.
-I think he says "mama", but how do we know for sure.
-has 5 teeth out, two more on the way.
-takes steps all by himself sometimes. most of the time we have to convince him to walk to us. He is still really unstable. I'm sure he'll be walking...soon-ish.
- is very clingy to mom.
-started liking strangers, he will give them smiles now instead of burying his face in my neck.
-the biggest mooch in the world. if we have food, he thinks he needs it!! It's pretty funny. And we actually give him pretty much anything we are eating. it's really nice.
-Liam loves his blankets
-Still wearing some 9 month clothes but also some 12 months. He's just too big!
I'm going to do a post on our Wisconsin vacation with many more pictures. So here are just a few of Liam.
Big blue eyes, also a big red mark on his forehead. poor guy is always falling on his head.
I now make him feed himself :) It's so cute.


  1. He sure is growing up; what a cutie!

  2. He is so adorable! I love his facial expression in the first picture :)