This past weekend our family went to Yellowstone. It is seriously one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. We left around 2:30 or 3pm and drove to Cody, WY. There is a wal-mart there and we just needed a couple of things. After that we went into Yellowstone. I was surprised to see how many burned/dead trees there are in there. I saw hundreds if not thousands. But there were also big&beautiful trees that were ALIVE! Anyway, the drive was great and we arrived at our little place around 6pm. So it didn't take very long at all. We stayed in these little cabin things (we don't have any of our camping gear with us here...it's all in Utah). Anyway, we decided to go on a quick hike before we ate dinner and headed to bed. We went on some little trail (like 2 miles I believe). It was so gorgeous. Here are a few pictures from our hike:
Little William:
Attempt at a Family Picture
Daddy and Baby
Look at how gorgeous!
Some steam coming off the little cliff.

After that we went back to our little cabin and had dinner. We went to this little cafeteria to eat dinner. It was all right. EXPENSIVE. The meals we got were definitely not worth the money we paid. Oh well, we were on vacation right?
After dinner we headed home and tried putting Liam to bed. I told Devin to turn on the heat, but he must have forgotten. We fell asleep and a couple hours later Liam was up and crying. I tried putting him back to bed, but he wouldn't go. So I gave in and nursed him and he fell asleep. But he woke up a couple hours later FREEZING. So I finally turned the heat on. Needless to say, it was a long night....
In the morning we packed up and went to breakfast. We shared an amazing omlette. Then we drove over to Old Faithful. It was beautiful. I forgot to put sunscreen on Liam though, the poor little guy got burnt. I feel SO BAD. (Right when we got home I bought some aloe to put on him so he wasn't in pain). We walked around Old Faithful for a couple hours, watched it go off. It was pretty sweet. I think it's crazy that this natural hot spot is so regular when the water boils up and shoots a hundred feet in the air. It's amazing. Here are some pictures:
Trying to keep Liam out of the sun
Just chilling on the benches waiting for Old Faithful.
This is one of the little hot pots. The water was boiling!
I thought this one was beautiful:
My happy little man
Old Faithful, Family Picture.
Old Faithful! So cool.
The beginning of Old Faithful, before it got huge.
William sitting in the back seat like a big boy!
After Old Faithful we drove to a different spot and went on another hike. Liam was very sleepy, so he fell asleep in the baby bjorn. Like a good boy. This time I put sunscreen on him.
Here is Liam asleep on mommy.
So sweet.

Right after he woke up from his nap, he got to ride on daddy's shoulders.
After our hike we drove back home. Everyone was really tired!
I had one goal for this yellowstone trip: to see a bear. We didn't even see a moose, fox, coyote, wolf, or Bald Eagle like I hoped :) Haha, but we did see some bison, a chipmunk, some marmot, and elk. So, at least we got to see some wildlife. Mostly we saw these things while we were driving.
Here are some pictures that sort of show how beautiful it was there...

I thought this was sooo amazing..
This one was at Old Faithful I believe-
We were super close to this huge buffalo.
Gorgeous, I think this was on one of our hikes..
Some more buffalo
Beautiful blue water and blue sky. It was breathtaking.

There were little geysers everywhere!
All in all, it was a GREAT trip. It was so beautiful out there. When we got home we wanted to go see Kung Fu Panda 2. But, we were exhausted and Liam was tired of sitting. He wanted to roll around on the floor and play. So we stayed home and got some Redbox movies: True Grit, and Just Go With It. A GREAT WEEKEND! And, we got a season pass to ALL State & National Parks/Forests so we will most definitely be going again!


  1. So cute!!!! William is such a cute guy and getting so big!! We miss you guys! Cant wait til we are both back in Provo :)

  2. I'm SO jealous of your Yellowstone trip; that sounds great right now! Glad you had such fun.