The Lake!

Yes...it is 6am. Liam has been thinking lately that it's okay to wake up for the day around 5:30am the past couple of days. I try to convince him against it by pulling him into bed with me and forcing him to sleep. But he's just so happy and awake it doesn't work. Ah the joys of motherhood.
So, Liam had his first real day out in the sun. I've been trying to go outside with him for 20-30 minutes every day just to chill...but i'm paranoid about him getting burnt. So I decided it was finally time. Camee called and invited us to go to the lake with her and her family. So i lathered Liam with sunscreen right before we left. Luckily we found a nice shady spot to stick him in while I was able to lay out in the sun! He sat up and played in the dirt the whole time. It was super cute. I think he had a great time. All though, he did miss his nap so he got a little cranky towards the end. But eventually he passed out for a couple of hours when we got home.

Needless to say, the lake was BEAUTIFUL. The water was completely still. Camee said it's the best secret in the world. It's perfect for water skiing. Hopefully we'll be able to go out there in their boat sometime! Anyway, I need to invest in one of those cute fishing-type hats for Liam. The hat I had for him wasn't cutting it. I also need to invest in some sunglasses for myself. But i probably shouldn't because I just misplace them a couple days after buying them....Here are some pictures. Enjoy!

Here is the lake. It was the perfect spot.
Another picture of the Lake.
Here is Liam, after getting dirt in his mouth, eyes, and every fat crevice...
Liam playing before we left for the Lake.
This is just because he is so cute. Grandma Trena bought this outfit for him about a year ago!

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  1. Nothing beats a peaceful, summer day at a lake; glad you both had such fun!