Just a fun little note. and a cute laugh.

So it's 9:00 pm and I've successfully put the hubby and the baby to bed :) Devin wakes up every morning at 5:15 so he can be to work by 6am. So, he makes sure to go to bed early on the weeknights. But my problem is...it's still LIGHT OUT! This is why I love summer. That and I get to smell fresh cut grass almost every day, go on walks, and actually just be outside. Anyway....

Today in church Devin and I spoke on honoring the flag. They both actually went really well! For some reason speaking in public is horrifying for both of us..but we managed. After church we went to The Nichols house. (Devin's boss Travis and his wife Camee invited us over.) It was wonderful! They have such a fun family...

So these pictures are hilarious to me. William was trying to grab EVERYTHING so finally I gave him this little medicine dropper thing (probably not the safest toy). He was sucking on it like a lolly-pop. I love him.

Lovin' me some big blue baby Liam eyes :)

Here is the video i have been meaning to upload of Liam's laugh. It's the best he has :)


  1. Awe! He has such a cute laugh! And those pictures are hilarious. I remember when Mavrick was teething he was sucking on EVERYTHING! That last picture of him he looks alot like Devin. =)

  2. Thanks for the update. Aren't baby laughs the sweetest thing ever?! Love you guys.