Fathers Day Weekend.

This past weekend has been great! Devin and I went to the movies, we watched the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. It was all right. We had to bring Liam with us, but he was actually a really good boy. The HYART is the theatre here in Lovell. It's actually pretty cool. It only plays one movie a week, and only once on Friday and two show-times on Saturday. But it's always a movie that's still out in the expensive theatre. Anyway, it's a great deal. A ticket is only $4 a person. Or you can do "date-night" which is $12. That gives you two tickets, two drinks, and two popcorns (or one jumbo popcorn). What a deal!

Saturday consisted mostly of cleaning up, playing Donkey-Kong on the wii, and our trip to Devil's Canyon Overlook. It's in Montana, but only like 20 minutes away from here. The place was absolutely beautiful. We got to see a ton of wild horses. Really, they look just like normal horses...but they are wild. Which makes them awesome. Anyway, this canyon was incredible. The only way to describe it are with these pictures:
Here is just a quick family picture. Not the best
Devin and me. You can see the canyon below.
Look at how gorgeous! This lake on the inside of the canyon goes on for a loong time.
Wishing I was down there on those boats!
In honor of Fathers day: Daddy and baby.
Here are some wild horses that we saw. They came right onto the road!

And here's another attempt to take a good family picture. It's a little hard...
My beautiful baby boy.
These are some pictures from the ride home. You know me, I can never resist putting up tons of pictures of my little man. So Liam was being sad because I Wouldn't let him play with the camera. Haha it's so sad but so cute. Look at those two teeth! He's getting so big!
And here's a happy face!
My cute laughing baby.
I love his big blue eyes.

After our little adventure we came home and had dinner. We watched this movie on Netflix called "The God's Must be Crazy 2." It was pretty funny, and cute. We liked it. It looks like it was made 40 years ago because the quality isn't that great...but the story is funny. And then Devin played Starcraft (Thanks Ryan...NOT) so I read my book. I've been reading this WW2 Series by Sandra Grey. It's a fictional story. It's LDS, and a love story. What more could I ask for? :)

Then Sunday was Father's Day! Devin got a gun-case for his shotgun. And he got fed. Lol. I made him his favorite- bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns for breakfast. He was grateful. Liam said da-da. Haha, not really but it sounded like it. I tried telling Devin that was Liam's gift for Father's Day. Anyway I just want to say a little bit on how grateful I am for the Father's in my life. I am so grateful for my daddy. I love him so much. I think for the most part, we have the same sense of humor so it's really easy for us to get along. My dad's not much of a talker but he tells me he loves me in words, and in deeds. He's the best dad I could have ever asked for.
I am also so grateful for DEVIN. He's so sweet with Liam. He loves him so much. It's really fun to watch them interact. Devin is the best dad and Liam is so lucky to get someone like Devin to provide for him in many ways.

Well, tonight I think we are going to have Family Night somewhere in the mountains and have a bonfire along with hotdogs and S'MORES!


  1. Sounds like a GREAT weekend! Love all your pictures. Liam is getting SO big and I love those eyes! What a cutie! And Happy Father's Day Dev!

  2. Hahahahahaha! Thank you Devin for taking star craft off my hands! =) Liam's eyes are so pretty. Must be a LeBaron thing. haha. =) Cute pictures. Can't wait to see you guys

  3. Happy late Fathers Day, Devin! Liam is a blessed little guy to have both of you. He's such a doll. Sorry about the mosquitoes, but looks like you're also having some fun in your Wyoming home. Hope we can see you soon!