Mosquitoes. I hate you.

I've been trying not to "hate" things lately. Ever since hanging out with my niece in Wisconsin, I realized that she watches everything you say. And I didn't like when she said, "I hate ----". BUT, I HATE MOSQUITOES. So here in Lovell we have to pay for our water, sewage, trash, and a mosquito fee. That's right, every month we pay a $2.00 mosquito fee. You think that's why I hate them? No, I hate them because despite the fact that we pay to get rid of them..Devin, Liam, and me all have mosquito bites on our ankles. One of the worst spots if you ask me. And we were only outside for like 30 seconds until we got bit.

On a happier note, I ordered an HTC Evo 4g. Yay. Devin's getting the new 3D one. We are both very excited to be getting our new phones. And we're going to Yellowstone tonight and all day tomorrow. Hopefully we don't get attacked by mosquitoes. Anyone know what to do about Liam and mosquitoes? I don't want to lather him in repellent because his skin is so sensitive, and he sticks his hands in his mouth. That would be bad. What do I do for him ?


  1. Sorry about the mosquitoes! We have "Off Family Care" repellent that should be safe for Liam. I still wouldn't spray it on his hands or anything, but it could do the trick. We also have "Cutter All Family Mosquito Wipes". They're just like baby wipes but with bug repellent on them. Could be easier to apply on him. Good luck!

  2. Hahaha! So funny! Ryan and Mav's bites swell up like huge lumps! Sorry about that but I agree with her...the wipes are the best! =) Ryan has his own extra strength bottle of Off and I use regular.

  3. Well, I guess you don’t have any choice but to put on insect repellent on Liam, which I recommend you to do. They are made for sensitive skins with guaranteed no side effects. You can make your own if you don’t want to buy anything from the store. Just choose your scent -- a lavender, citronella, mint or lemongrass -- then mix it with rubbing alcohol or distilled water and shake the solution. You can then spray it liberally on your exposed body parts. It really works!

    -Maurise Gelman