Oh life without internet..

Here i am at the LIBRARY in Lovell, WY. The middle of nowhere. Don't worry, i'm enjoying it. Except, I don't have internet.. And the soonest someone can come out to this tiny little town to give us internet is JUNE. Some things that have happened lately are..Devin graduated, we moved to Wyoming, Liam is 5 months old today, i'm going to Wisconsin next week, Devin is going to AFRICA next week (yes, i'm going to miss him TONS..i don't know if I can even talk to him for 2 weeks..ugh). I turned 22, and my first mothers day is coming up (last year doesn't count because I was barely pregnant). so I will have to update at a later date since i'm running short on time.
Let me just quickly tell you a little bit about our move. We got to Lovell after 9 hours of car-time. We arrived at our little apartment with little things. Well, the lady we rent from gave us a list of church phone numbers, utilities, internet and all other numbers. she also said she had a bed that we could use, called some people from our ward who brought us couches, a table, and chairs. Then that evening her daughter brought us dinner. These friendly people definitely made the move a lot less scary. You'd think after moving so many times in my life it would be no big deal, but it was tough. Anyway, we also went to church Sunday and met a ton of new, very friendly people. It's not going to be so bad. Anyway, Ill update later with pictures and lots of fun stories. Mostly of Liam (since that is basically my life!)
Oh yeah, and I just found out my best friend Richelle is having a BABY BOY! Him and Liam are going to be best friends!!

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  1. It's good to hear from you guys all the way up in Wyoming! Congrats on graduation, Devin. Brittany, are you going to be in Wisconsin the whole time Devin's in Africa? That would be better than sitting in Wyoming while he's gone! Love and miss you guys.