the end of March, conference, Liam at four months.

The end of March was wonderful! We attended a baptism for Devin's cousin Grace. It was so wonderful to be there and hang out with all of Devin's family too! After the baptism we went to Aunt Sue's house where we had a delicious lunch and some good jokes :)
Pretty much all of March we just hung out with ourselves. And Bryan and Richelle Bozung. They are the best. One of the days it was really nice outside we had a BBQ! And of course the next day it snowed. But, it's always fun hanging out with those two. I'm going to miss Richelle TONS this summer!
Devin has completed his BYU capstone final project: A DRILL for the people of Africa to get water! All of the Mechanical Engineers at BYU were able to present their projects in the Wilk at BYU, so Liam and I took our first trip on campus. I pushed Liam up the steepest hill ever (for you BYU-ers, it's the one by the Smith Field House) in the stroller. My first workout since, well probably since I got pregnant :). While there we had lunch, and Devin showed me his drill and other people's projects. We also ran into Sami and Ben Van Noy! It was good to see them. Here's a picture of Liam asleep in Sami's arms...poor guy. He just needed a nap:

And here's a picture of Devin's awesome team..
Hopefully we'll be finding out in a couple of days if he really gets to go to Africa and implement this drill there. What a blessing it will be for those people to finally get clean water. Click here to see my famous husband and all of the amazing work his team did!

Conference weekend was super. As always. It's so great to listen to the leaders of the church. We spend most of the weekend hanging out in Highland with Devin's family. It was great. We went shooting on Saturday while grandma watched Liam. Devin got a really old shotgun from my dad (from my grandpa) for Christmas! He has been dying to shoot it!
Here he is.

Here's me shooting. Don't make fun. I already had a bruise and the gun was getting heavy.
Here's me and Rista (the LeBaron's foreign exchange student). It was windy up there!
And the past few days I have been working on lots of things...I have made a couple of aprons for my little sister (a late wedding gift). I have been typing some interviews for my dad (and getting paid, yahoo!). And I just went to my first cake decorating class last night. It was so fun. Maybe one day i'll be a professional :) Other than that I've just been doing laundry, etc...But i'm really excited to start making my sister Tyler a church bag! I'll post pictures when I'm done!

Liam at four months...
-Weighs 15 lbs. 10 oz (gained 8 lbs since he was born...7 lbs 11oz.)
-Is 25.25 inches long
-He actually laughs (When you try really hard, it's soooo cute).
-Can roll over tummy to back (when he really wants to), and can roll from back to side, but hasn't quite made it back to his tummy yet.
-The doctor says to start feeding him solids! He is a big boy and probably could use some more calories says the doctor!
- Sleeps worse than he did in the beginning...about 5 or 6 hours at a time(all though he slept 8 last night..)...hopefully he'll get over that soon.
-He talks (by talks i mean baby talk)
He reaches for my face, and lots of other objects.
-Is cuter than ever!
Here is is playing with dad's football.

first time eating cereal. he was confused...

This is Liam outside on one of the nicest days all year

I absolutely LOVE being a mom. Liam is the sweetest little guy. I find myself always saying how cute he is (even to random strangers...embarrassing I know...). At least 10 times a day I have to tell Devin how much I love our little baby because I have this crazy motherly love thing going on. but it's the BEST!


  1. Congrats, Dev; your engineering feat is amazing! Loved all the cute pictures of Liam; he's growing so fast and I don't blame you for always saying he's cute, Brittany. Love ya.

  2. amen! he IS cute...you're not being partial!

  3. I LOVE to read your blog! Liam is ADORABLE and he's getting crazy big! Way to go on your drill building Dev. That is VERY impressive! And I can't wait to see your first cake Brit!