Here in Wisconsin, missing my husband.

So, I have been gone from home (wherever that may be, mostly i mean gone from my hubby) for over a week now. This is lame. I miss him so much! But, he is doing GREAT things in Tanzania. We have been emailing back and forth. We actually got to skype for like 3 minutes. You know what the first thing he said to me is? "Britt, i'm getting an i-phone." Haha. The reason is because he was skyping me from the i-phone and he thought it was pretty cool. Like we can afford that.. :)

While in Wisconsin I have:
-Played with my little man
-Hung out a few times with my high school best friend Katie Schultz. I have missed her!
-Played with my niece Kady. We have been working on her letters. My mom bought these alphabet stickers and I let Kady stick them on a page as soon as she can write it and tell me the letter. I think it's working pretty well.
-I picked out some fabric and a pattern to make a skirt, but haven't started it. My mom needs to measure me because my measurements are SO different from the last time I measured. I thought I had big hips BEFORE i had a baby.
- Went to a hotel in Milwaukee before we dropped off Kayla at the airport. We went swimming, and Liam went in the pool for the first time! He looked super cute in his little swim trunks.
Heres a picture with me and Liam

And here's a picture of just Liam.

-Missed Devin. It's actually really hard being away from him. Mostly because i can't talk to him all the time like I would like too. I can't wait to see him!
-I've watched Grey's Anatomy... I have just started season 6 and i'm sure i'll finish it this week..
-Started working on a "Quiet Book" for church for Liam (and future children).

So far in Africa Devin has been drilling, shopping, and missing me! (HAha).
He keeps telling me these stories that make me want to cry. They were at an orphanage drilling so they could have water. Devin brought a ton of fruit snacks to give to all the little kids. Anyway, he gave one little kid a pack of fruit snacks, and saw him give one fruit snack to all of his little friends. How amazing that those who have NOTHING are willing to give EVERYTHING they have. Devin gave the rest of the kids a bunch of fruit snacks later. He's so wonderful.
Then he told me another story. He said they hired a couple of people from Africa to help with the drilling. They told the guys they hired to go take a break for lunch. Devin said they left and came back really quickly (so they didn't really eat). He said his whole capstone team waited until they came back for their lunch so he felt AWFUL eating in front of them. Devin said he gave them half of his food because he felt so bad, and everyone else followed suit. I love my husband and his willingness to give and love others....
Anyway, their drill has been successful (I believe) and they are already moving to a new location to start drilling again! I'll have to have Devin post a lot about his different adventures, because we really haven't been able to communicate very well.

Oh yeah. My hair is now dark brown. :)
I'll do another post soon!


  1. How fun! I know what you mean about the big hip thing! Its almost depressing!!! Haha. I am hoping that I will have my "Prime" body back. =) Miss you guys. You look tiny tiny tiny britt!!!

  2. Sorry you're missing Devin so much but awesome what he's doing! Thanks for sharing the stories. I bet he has a lot more! So cool! And don't you love a baby in a swimsuit!? Liam is SOO cute! Miss you guys! What are the chances you'll be at the Leavitt reunion this summer?? Probably not?

  3. That is so neat that Devin has this experience!!!

  4. How fun! But that stinks you are away from Devin :( But Liam sure does look cute in his swim suit! And you should post pictures of your new hair :-)