Life, Liam at 5 months

So I know I gave a tiny little update my last entry. But so many things have happened. Liam had his FIRST EASTER! We went to our ward in Provo for the last time and then went to the LeBaron’s to celebrate. Liam got some toys that he loves playing with. Devin and I got some pajamas. I will put some Easter pictures up later. It's just taking way too long here at the library...

Liam had his 5 month birthday! At 5 months Liam is

-rolling over (mostly tummy to back. He doesn’t like too much being on his tummy)

-Is getting up on his knees.. but once he does this, instead of crawling he shoves his head in the ground and tries scooting forward that way. It’s hilarious.

- Passes his toys between his hands

-Laughs, mostly when dad tries to “eat” him.

- Yells and screams with delight or when trying to get your attention.. This happened when we moved to Lovell mostly. Devin’s boss Travis Nichols invited us over for dinner our first Sunday here. Then his wife and him took us on a ride around Lovell just to show us where everything was. Anyway, they had their twin boys (I think they are 5 or 6) and their little girl (who is 3) in the back of the car. They were screaming and making so much noise, that Liam decided he needed to be loud. He started yelling. It was hilarious because he’d never done that before. Well, ever since then he’s been doing that. We love it.

- Gets mad when he can’t reach his toys.

-Starting to sit up on his own. We still have to watch him though, because he will tip sideways after a while.

-Flaps his arms when he gets excited.

-Is wearing 6-9 month clothes. (He can still fit into some 3-6 month ones, but most are too small). I’m not sure how much he weighs, but I’m assuming somewhere around 17 lbs. BIG BOY!

-Eats rice cereal, loves carrots and squash. Hates green beans or peas.

-Loves watching Baby Noah.

-Eats every 3 hours.

-Hates formula….we will have to work on this.

-Is very easy to get to smile. And when he smiles, he almost always sticks out his tongue (notice this in lots of pictures). Here are some pictures of Liam:

I turned 22! Devin was so sweet on my birthday. I didn’t have to change any diapers, Devin put Liam down for his naps, he cleaned the house and unpacked everything. It was fabulous. I also got Donkey Kong for the Wii. Needless to say, that is how we’ve been spending our free time together! Devin also got me a cricut cartridge, and a cricut. (Well, the cricut was partly from Devin’s parents for graduation!). Devin’s parents got me a beautiful ring to wear that won’t scratch Liam all the time, one I can wear around the house.) They also got me a few kitchen things and bathroom towel set. My parents got me a plane ticket to Wisconsin and some cash to buy a bed! Yahoo!

Mothers Day: WONDERFUL. Devin was even more wonderful on Mothers day. He was so thoughtful. He bought me fruit snacks, playing cards, stuff to make mint oreo milkshakes, tomato seeds, and took care of Liam most of the day. I thought this was hilarious-Devin bought me a card from the only small grocery store in town and I will have to post pictures of it later. It said congrats on your new baby boy, and he crossed it out and put Mothers Day! I LOVE him.

I love being a mom to the sweetest boy in the world. He is the happiest little guy and I love spending time with him. It’s so fun watching him grow!

Anyway, we were also able to skype with Jessica (Devin’s sister who is on a mission in Mississippi). She looks great!! And she is coming home in October, I’m so excited!

Lovell: Things in Lovell have been GREAT! I explained how nice everyone is in my last post. But I have been able to go out with some of the ladies from the ward. I went with Camee Nichols to watch all the prom kids! Apparently every year all of the juniors and seniors at prom are announced and then they announce royalty. (There are only like 20 couples total..haha). Anyway, it was a lot of fun. It made me really excited for when my Liam (and future kids) grow up. Hopefully I have a girl and she will let me make her prom dress (and that will be a good excuse for my mom to visit me wherever I am so she can help make it!). I also went out to dinner with 5 other ladies on Saturday night. It was fun to get to know some people here and make a few friends. Devin’s job has been going really well! He loves it. Here's some pictures from the park in Lovell:

Anyway, the next couple of days will consist of: cleaning, doing laundry, packing for our trips, getting all of Devin’s stuff ready for Africa! Be excited for some awesome posts when Devin comes home. Knowing him though, he’ll probably forget to take pictures!!!


  1. It's so great to see the darling pictures and get an update. Sounds like your birthday and Mother's Day were awesome; way to go, Devin! We missed you guys yesterday when we had all the family here for Kev's farewell. He was sad when he realized he'd already seen you all for the last time before he leaves. Both of you have great trips and fill us in on your adventures when you return! Love ya.

  2. and you thought I was spoiled on my birthday! Sounds like a great birthday!

  3. Glad you're enjoying your little adventure. Good luck surviving while Devin's away. That's NEVER fun!

  4. Ok LIam's tongue cracks me up! He is so cute! I love the stone face in the last picture!