Three Amazing Years

So, Devin and I were able to celebrate our 3 year anniversary. Devin actually bought me a samsung galaxy 2 tablet. I love it!! Liam actually loves it more than I do. But it's great for the family! :) He also bought me flowers and a candy bar the day before our anniversary. What a sweetheart! I got him a bunch of little stuff. lol.
On our anniversary, (August 15) Tacy came over after CNA school and watched Liam for us. We went out to eat at chili's, went shopping and bought me some earrings. Then we went bowling! Devin won... only after I told him how to throw the ball correctly ;) Then we went to coldstone and got ice cream..We did all this and still got home before Liam's bedtime lol. But it was so much fun! I'm so grateful for my handsome hubby and for these past three years. Here's to many more! I love you Devin :)

Unfortunately--Devin won bowling. I usually win our first game. But he beat me this time. (My nickname for bowling is Bert, the guy accidentally put Burke?)
Best picture we captured from our phone cameras...

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  1. Happy anniversary, guys; glad you got to celebrate! You picked a great day to get married (our anniversary, too)! Love you all.