Gavin @ 3 months

Well, Gavin is now 3 1/2 months-ish. But anyway. At three months Devin told me he finally loved Gavin just as much as Liam. Seriously, Gavin's little smile is to die for. Gavin has a really strong personality---well, he's really good at showing his emotions. He can really scream, but he also get's really excited and happy. We love him so much. When he gets excited he usually turns his head and tries to eat whatever is closest (blankets, hands, toys, etc.) At three months he rolled over a few times (tummy to back). He can't quite figure out how to do it regularly.
Enjoy some cute pics!

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  1. You definitely have two darling little boys on your hands - glad Devin finally loves them both the same - HA! Love you guys.