New York Trip!

My parents moved to central New York back in January. I've been to visit once, but Devin hasn't. So we took a trip! Thanks, mom and dad. :) Tyler and her kids came too!! Tye was here a couple days before we headed to Vegas to fly out. (Yeah, my mom had to buy 5 tickets and so she saved like 1500 dollars or something for us to go from Vegas). Well, the drive was so scary to Vegas. It was raining and hailing and storming like crazy through the mountains. And it was night time. And Tyler scares me when she drives anyway!! :) Haha. Oh and did I mention our suitcases were ontop of the car...getting soaked?! HAHA. Oh, good times.
We let the kids play outside in Aunt Brenda's yard the day we were leaving. It was flooded. We were going to go swimming in her pool, but since it was storming we thought that was a bad idea. They had just as much fun running around in the huge puddles outside! Then we flew to New York.
Our first day we went to the Buffalo Zoo. The kids loved it! The rest of the time we just mostly hung out, went to visit my grandpa in his assisted living home, went to some church history sites, and built my mom's shop. Oh-- did I mention swimming in my mom's pool? It was beautiful outside (the pool was freezing)!!

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