January and February.

January was a pretty good month. Mostly I spent time working on dresses for Kayla's wedding and spending time with the little man. During January Liam was blessed. Liam found his hands, and we got a picture of him smiling. If you wanted to see that boy smile, it took a lot of work at first! Here are some pictures of William during the month of January..
Here he is just chilling in the boppy. Working on strengthening his neck muscles! This picture is just showing what me and Liam liked to do for free time. :) This is a picture of Liam sitting up like a big boy on the couch. In his cute moose outfit! And this is my attempt to get him smiling...Every time he saw the camera there was no way he would smile. That is why he is barely in the picture!
My mom drove out from WISCONSIN to IDAHO for my little sisters wedding. Since I wasn't going to be around on Valentines day, Devin and I went to color me mine and made another plate together.... (what we did on our first date :)). It was a lot of fun. We made a contra plate (the video game that started our flirtings and falling in love. yeah, a video game..). Anyway it was a lot of fun. Then my mom came and ate some Thai food that the LeBaron's foreign exchange student Rista made for us. Yummy...and we went to Idaho!
That week I was there before the wedding mostly consisted of me finishing sewing things. I worked on tablecloths, dresses, and watched my baby mostly. There was one point where I was watching Liam, my nephew Bradon (17 months), and my niece Kadance (4 yrs.). WOW Overwhelming. This was when I decided that I don't know if I can have more kids...(i'm sure that will change in a couple of years..).
Devin finally camp up on Thursday evening for Kayla's endowment. Afterwards we played JUST DANCE on the wii. So funny. My sister Tyler and I stayed up way too late playing every night after that...
On Friday I got my hair and nails done. Audrey Wilson highlighted my hair for me and I absolutely love it! We also had a bridal shower for Kayla. That was a lot of fun :)
Saturday brought lots of decorating, arguing, laughing, and crying. My baby sister got married and looked SO beautiful. I'm really happy for her and very proud of her! I hope her and DevON (not DevIN like my husband) have a wonderful life together.
Here is a picture of Devin holding Liam in the baby bjorn that my brother got us for Christmas. Very convenient.
Here is a picture of my beautiful sister and her groom!
I love this picture.. my siblings. LOVE THEM. Oh yeah, I made my dress..

And here's a picture of my family. My little niece in front, I made her dress too!

Overall, it was a wonderful, beautiful experience! I'm so glad I was able to go to Kayla's sealing and hear the beautiful promises and blessings of their eternal life!


  1. I am so glad you have a blog. My life is complete... jk. But really. I'm glad.

  2. So glad I know about your blog now! Ours is nelsonopoly.blogspot.com...you'll have to check it out. And I have to say I'm SUPER impressed by your sewing skills! Wish I was that good! Miss you guys! Liam is ADORABLE!

  3. So fun to catch up with you guys! Liam is a doll and you DO have great sewing skills.