Busy Busy Busy....

We went to Wyoming... The town we went to was Lovell. It is a tiny little town! The drive was about 8 1/2 hours. I was dreading the drive with our little baby, but he actually did really well. We listened to Harry Potter during the drive, and one of us was usually sitting back with Liam. He freaks if nobody is back there with him. But i don't blame him, i wouldn't want to sit all by myself in a car either! Anyway, we got to Wyoming and Devin interviewed, saw the place he would be working at. He decided he liked it. I figure I can live with anything for one summer. I will have Liam to play with and hopefully I meet some people! :) Because we took the job! We will be making around $20,000 this summer, which will help pay for grad school in the Fall. Looks like we're going to be students at BYU for another couple of years... :)This is a picture of Liam in the hotel after a long, hot ride in the car (He was sweaty)
After Wyoming I went to Idaho to visit with my sisters..it was so much fun. I always love seeing them. I guess we never really do too many things, but always enjoy each other. Here is us trying to take a cute picture together...haha never happens:
I brought home my niece and my sister Kayla and her husband came to visit!! We got home late
Saturday night and then went to Church on Sunday morning. Kady went to her own class...and had fun. Our sunbeams were pretty well behaved, it was great! After church we decided to eat lunch and take a nap. I promised Kady we'd go to the duck pond after our nap. So we did. It was cold, but Kady was so cute playing with the ducks! Here's some pictures from the duck pond:
Kayla carrying Liam...sooo cold

These are just Kady being cute..

Then on Monday we took her to see TANGLED. It was SOOOO cute! I loved it, and so did Kady. She wants to have hair that glows one day....After the movie we went to the creamery, dropped off Liam to his aunt Tacy and then we went ice skating! It was so much fun. Kady had never been before and so she was slipping all over the place, but eventually she got the hang of it and did pretty good. She was trying to go so fast.
Here's some pictures from my phone:

heres a fun video!

Then on Tuesday we went to the duck pond again and then went to Highland for dinner with my in-laws. Kayla, Devon and Kady left, and Devin and I went to Corinn's play..Pride and Prejudice. She did such a good job and has a wonderful voice!

TONIGHT is the BYU basketball game and after we have a big water-polo game! Well, I'm not playing but I wish I was...maybe next year :) Hopefully we keep winning and can be champions.

Liam lately has been adorable. I still can't believe I have a baby..who is almost 4 months! I love him. He has been making such cute noises when he "talks" to me. The past two days I have been feeding him every 2 hours though...which gets a little bit tiring.. My milk supply has been low so the more I feed him it should get back up to where he's not freaking out because he's still hungry. I'm hoping to be able to nurse until 6 months at least. After that i'm sure formula will be just fine! :)
Here's a picture of the cutest boy in the world:

This is what Liam looks like when his daddy dresses him...in the middle of winter:


  1. Soooo cute! Also, i like Devin's outfit for him. Since when do stripes and plaid NOT go together? Also that is a nice sum of money you will be making!

  2. Love the post Britt! I think its a LeBaron thing because that is about about what Mav looks like when Ryan dresses him too. Like NO thought went into it. Haha. =)

  3. It's great to catch up with you guys. Congrats on the summer job, and you're right, Brittany, you CAN do anything for a summer. Liam is such a cutie! Love you guys; thanks for giving Kevin a ride.