8 months!!

William is 8 months old. !!!! Pretty soon he's going to be shaving his face. Okay, fine. We still have a while before we get there...
Just a few things about Liam at 8 months old..
- He is crawling everywhere, but wanting to be walking.
-He pulls himself up using anything he can (walls, carseat, mom, dad, couch, laundry basket, etc..) And attempts to walk along it if he can.
- One of his favorite things to do is while he is standing to let go-throwing his hands in the air, and see how long he can go without holding on. He get's SO excited. It's adorable. Devin and I are working with him to see how long he can stand on his own. He's even tried taking a few steps when we do this. (Obviously he can't really stand on his own for very long without falling over..) But he's really good at getting down from the couch now and not falling backwards onto his head.
- Liam hates going down for naps and bedtime...which makes life hard sometimes. Ha ha, he will normally stand up in his crib and shake it (the crib bangs against the wall and makes a loud noise..probably to get our attention.) He does this while standing in the corner closest to the door so he can see us come in. Then, he gets a HUGE smile on his face and sometimes laughs when we come in to lay him back down. Ah, he is adorable.
-He sleeps anywhere from 9-12 hours a night. YAY!. --Except for the last couple of nights, he has been waking up every couple hours. Little man has some top teeth that are SO CLOSE to coming in..
- Enjoys oatmeal baby cereal mixed with fruits for breakfast. He eats carrots, green beans, squash,and sweet potatoes mostly for lunch and dinner. But we are also giving him finger foods now which is fun. He loves cheerios and is getting really good at putting them in his mouth. At first he would try to put his whole fist in his mouth and normally not even get the cheerio. :) He will also just have some of mine and Devin's food (depending on what it is...). He hates peas. Dang it.
-Likes to attack me and Devin when we go and play with him on the ground. I normally just lay down on a pillow and he comes and butts heads with me. Devin actually tries ramming him in the head, but don't worry. Liam puts up a good fight (pulls dad's hair, scratches him, head butts him back...it's great).
-I'm pretty sure he's giving me kisses. Open mouth, adorable kisses. But Devin doesn't think that's what he's doing. I say yes. He loves me.
-Can go from crawling to sitting on his bum.
-He always wants to know where I am. He comes looking for me. I love hearing his fast crawl across the floor.
-It's crazy that he knows already what he's not supposed to be doing. One of my favorite things lately is how hard he tries to get into my 'craft room.' I keep the door shut because i don't want him to destroy it or get hurt (there are sewing pins all over the floor). Anyway, sometimes I have to go in there and get something and he immediately stops what he is doing and tries super hard to crawl over fast enough to get inside. Sometimes he makes it, but when he doesn't he will stand up and bang on the door. Ha ha. Love him.

Here are some photos of Liam during the past month of his life. (Sorry about the mess in EVERY picture. lol.)
Sometimes when he gets crabby we go for walks.
Crawling on the sidewalk. Ouch.
He doesn't like to take a bottle very much, he'd rather play. So dad lets him sit up.
Playing with some dirt.
Standing up like a big boy on the couch.
Just playing with whatever he can find.
On the go. Always.
He loves these buckles in his high chair. Look how cute that belly is!
Here he is with socks (his own, and they are clean) in his mouth. He's been doing this for a few days now. His teeth are really driving him crazy. Anyway, he is also holding his hands up to see how long he can stand!
So precious.
Today, at 8 months.
Fighting with dad.
Sorry for the picture overload. Enjoy!!


  1. Awe! He is at such a fun age Britt. The head butting must be a LeBaron thing cause Ryan and Mavrick do that too. Love you guys. Cant wait to get a hold of my nephew. He is so cute.

  2. I LOVE the photo overload! Liam is such a little cutie. Sounds like he keeps you both busy and entertained, which is his job, so way to go, Liam!