What more could I have done for my vineyard?

Since all of the posts are about Liam, I figured I would write one about me (devin).
One of the only hobbies I've had this summer is gardening. I'm not talking about a big scale agriculture or anything. Just a small quaint garden. Consisting of one beefsteak tomato plant. I've put all that I am into it. I cleared a patch of land in the flower bed where I then deposited 15 tomato seeds. They all did so well, but there could only be one. I slowly began to prune the weaker specimens until only the brute was left.
Throughout the past two months I have been weeding, and watering, and nurturing this champion tomato. Below is a picture of it at its climax:

A question many people have asked is why bad things happen to good people. I myself have been asking this. Shortly after this picture was taken, my tomato took a turn for the worst. I couldn't understand it. What more could I have done for my tomato? Overnight it had wilted. Over the next three days it was completely dead. I launched a thorough investigation of the tragedy. Turns out it was a homicide. Although the tomato was the first to go, shortly after many weeds surrounding it began to wilt. As well as the grass along the sidewalk turned brown. The inconsiderate and ignorant yard-boy had mistaken my tomato for an enormous and beautiful weed. And turned it into this:

Better luck next year I guess. P.S. Take a look at the flower before and after. I was britt's from relief society that had died and I water and planted and it came back to life.

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  1. My sincerest condolences on the demise of your beloved tomato plant! Oh, the juicy, mouth-watering, ripe tomatoes you could have had. When you're back in Utah, we promise to share some of our tomatoes with you. Loved the story!