We're moving back!

So, we have decided to move back to Utah FOR SURE. We'll be living in Highland for at least 1 semester..right when we get back. I'm so sick of moving though, so we might be there until Devin finishes grad school. Anyway, I'm really excited about this decision. It will be good for Devin to go to school now, instead of later (or not at all).
Anyway. Other than that we had a good time with Devin's siblings Jeffery and Corinn. They came to visit and it was so nice to just hang out with them. Corinn is so helpful. I actually had signed up to go help clean the church and she came with me and helped me clean up ;) Also...Liam LOVES Corinn. He would get so so so excited everytime he even saw her. It was adorable. Maybe he really likes blond girls.
Here are some pictures from our little adventure with Devin's siblings..

Well in the past week Liam has perfected his crawl. He is so quick and gets away so fast. Not only that, but he just started pulling himself up...either using furniture or mom and dad. It's amazing how fast he is developing and growing. It's so exciting but also sad at the same time! Needless to say, Liam has already had his fair share of falls, bumps, bruises, etc. this week from his attempts to be a big boy!
Next month is going to be an exciting one! We get to go to Yellowstone with Devin's family where we will see Ryan, Kayla, and Mavrick (who we haven't seen since Christmas and even then it was only 1 day..). We will also get to spend time with Russell and Michaela for the last time before they move to Arizona. It's going to be a ton of fun! Then we are moving back to Utah. YAY!

Things I love lately..
-When Liam laughs with me.
-Brownie Mix.
-When Liam tries looking for me after I leave the room.
-Devin (he took me to see Harry Potter and Liam was being a turd so he let me stay and watch it while he took Liam out and therefore missed the movie..)
-My Evo. haha.
-The Gospel.
-Reading to Liam before naps and bedtime.
-Blogs. Lately I have been searching for crafts online. It's too bad i can't really do any of them because we don't have anything here or anywhere to buy things from....
-Harry Potter.

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  1. YAY! So glad to hear y'all are moving back. =) I still can't believe he is crawling! It gets crazier from here on out by the way! Haha. We need to perfect our plans with you guys. I will have Ryan call Devin tonight! =)Give Little Liam a kiss for me & Mavrick...that is his new thing. Open mouthed kisses. Haha