Family Updates

So Liam is now 13 months old. I don't know if i'm going to continue to do monthly posts..but i'll probably just update every time he does something new/cute.
Liam has gotten SO SMART. I can't believe it. He knows a few signs..
more, eat, please, finished (all done), bath, and we are working on 'again'. He usually just claps his hands when he tries doing that one. Anyway, I can't resist when he comes up and communicates with me telling me he wants to eat please. It's the cutest thing ever.
Lately he has been making this cute face every time he see's his reflection. It makes me laugh.
Here's the new face he makes. This isn't even the best picture of it.

Since the weather has been so nice we've been able to go outside almost every day and play. Liam loves to be outside.
Liam learning to color with dad

And now for a pregnancy update: I am 19 weeks (hopefully half way done hah..) We have another ultrasound on Tuesday. This one will measure how big the baby is and how he is developed. I'm excited. I love ultrasounds. As for my body- man i'm getting huge fast. I'm way bigger than I was with Liam at this point. And this baby is sitting really low. I think i carried Liam higher, but who knows until he gets a little bigger I guess. But I've been having sciatic nerve pains. No heartburn thank goodness. And I'm already feeling braxton hicks contractions I think. But I can also feel this little guy moving all the time. Devin has even felt him a few times. We are so excited!


  1. Liam is so cute and sounds like "little brother" is coming along just fine. It'll be fun to meet him!

  2. Liam is still so bald! I love bald babies. =) Haha.